How Does Chargeback Management Software Work?

What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback – also called a “reversal” – is the return of credit card funds used to make a purchase to the buyer. A chargeback can occur if a consumer disputes a purchase made using their credit card, claiming that it was fraudulent or made without their knowledge or permission. When a buyer disputes a purchase, the credit card company involved reverses the charge, reimbursing the buyer in full and debiting the business’ account.

Mastercard chargeback is seen as a purchaser security. In Brazil, for example, chargeback is maintained by the customer affirmation code, a code that will ensure the thing is returned to the client accepting any issue or a coercion is recognized. A seller who has a mind boggling markdown process avoids chargebacks by ensuring that the client would rather not make a chargeback.

Top Chargeback Management Software of 2022

Cube Billing

Chargeback Management Company

A chargeback management company is a company that offers smoothed out chargeback management answers for organizations that need to safeguard themselves against the negative repercussions of chargebacks. Top chargeback management organizations can give software that is fit for making dealers aware of installment debates so they can be prudently tended to before a chargeback is started. Chargeback management software may likewise have the option to follow itemized examination that can help with forestalling future installment questions by and large.

A chargeback company can offer an important assistance to traders by empowering them to diminish the dangers implied with chargebacks. Cutting edge innovation arrangements accessible from top chargeback management organizations can build a dealer’s possibilities forestalling chargebacks and recuperating lost income by forming keen chargeback reactions that are intended to have the most ideal likelihood of coming out on top.

How Does Chargeback Management Software Work?

Chargebacks are compelled bank portion reversals began by a dependable bank. Fundamentally, you are reimbursing incidents a cardholder experienced due to counterfeit trades that you didn’t prevent, or in view of stumbles or missteps made in the trade collaboration. Chargeback software can robotize different pieces of the chargeback collaboration. This recuperations you time, effort, and money.

Managing chargebacks effectively requires pursuing down the issue from two places: expectation and pay recovery. Finally, you want to keep client inquiries from happening using any and all means. Briefly, you similarly need to challenge invalid chargebacks and recuperate however much money as could reasonably be expected.

Chargeback management software accumulates and separates data from various sources, including past client questions. The best software will use this information, close by your custom limits, to let you:

  • Track inquiries, disputes, and presentments.
  • Flag potentially fraudulent claims.
  • Detect patterns in chargebacks received.
  • Process transaction errors, such as double payments.
  • Sync with other tools for comprehensive protection.
  • Automatically respond to incoming chargebacks.
  • Gather compelling evidence related to the claim.
  • Identify errors/risks/threats, and provide actionable advice

What is chargeback management software?

Chargeback management software can insinuate any program or stage that helps sellers during the time spent mechanizing chargeback balance and furthermore testing invalid discussions.

Chargeback management software is a mechanical assembly merchants or their associates can use to help thwart and fight chargebacks by supervising internal records, exploring chargeback data, and consolidating with external gadgets like chargeback alerts. This software can be constrained by transporters directly or by chargeback specialists.

What are Chargeback Disputes?

The consumer contests a transaction and the bank issues a chargeback

The consumer contests a transaction and the bank issues a chargeback.

The merchant or the payment processor receives the chargeback and it can be accepted or disputed

The merchant or the payment processor receives the chargeback and it can be accepted or disputed.

To dispute it, all the evidence is collected and sent to the bank

To dispute it, all the evidence is collected and sent to the bank.

The bank along with the credit card schemes have 140 days to decide who wins the dispute

The bank along with the credit card schemes have 140 days to decide who wins the dispute.

If the dispute is won the money come back to the merchant

If the dispute is won the money returns to the merchant.

What’s the best way to manage chargebacks?

We believe obviously for most vendors, bringing in an expert representment group is the most ideal way to oversee chargebacks. Choosing to recruit experts isn’t the main choice you’ll have to make, be that as it may. You’ll likewise need to pick which chargeback management organization to go with, and only one out of every odd choice is made equivalent.

While some chargeback management organizations just handle representment, with regards to chargebacks, addressing the issue beforehand is better than addressing any aftermath later. The right organization will give you explicit, noteworthy exhortation on how you might decrease the quantity of chargebacks you get in any case.

Is Chargeback Management Software Worth It?

Most software choices will give essentially a proportion of chargeback help. To take full advantage of your chargeback management software, nonetheless, you should have the right arrangement of apparatuses to battle your particular issues. For instance, assuming the majority of your questions come from inside shipper mistakes, even the best cautions program won’t be a lot of help.

How to Choose Chargeback Management Solution

Like with some other sort of outsider software, there are central issues to consider with regards to chargeback management:

Features: Double-check that the software can do everything you need it to. Some solutions are better suited to fraud management, while others are better for managing disputes, for instance.

Integration: How you deploy the software could play a huge role in your decision. See more about the different types of integrations available below.

Support: Does the vendor offer extra help to get started? Is this support free or paid?

Pricing: There tend to be two schools of thought here. Some vendors offer a flat monthly fee with a chargeback guarantee. Others charge a small percentage of every checked transaction. There are benefits to each model, but there is also a potential conflict of interest in chargeback guarantees.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Chargeback Management

A chargeback management reconsidering association might be the most appropriate solution for sellers with immense amounts of chargebacks or those wanting to scale.


There are various benefits of outsourcing chargeback management for a merchant.

Objectivity. If a merchant has become blind to systems or processes that lead to chargebacks, a third party can identify them more easily.

Efficiency. Since an outsourcing company has more experience with different chargebacks, it is often more efficient than in-house solutions. Chargebacks can often be minimized, reversed, and even prevented.

Expertise. Outsourcing management companies keep up with the latest trends and implement systems to deal with them before a merchant’s in-house solution can. These might be new methods for data analysis or sophisticated new types of fraud often before an in-house solution does.


In spite of the fact that re-appropriating chargeback management may be the ideal decision for certain shippers, it has specific disadvantages.

What is Chargeback Automation?

More humble sellers can group by far most of their chargebacks as unambiguous sorts would help more from robotized, rule-based cautions and cycles to oversee them rather than an endlessly out software plan. These cycles can oftentimes game the overwhelm speed of an in-house bunch. It is fundamental to reliably review these cycles to ensure their adequacy, especially since chargebacks are subject to various exceptional powers in the business place.

Understanding the Chargeback Representment Process

The chargeback representment process permits dealers to question invalid chargebacks. To do so successfully, you should give proof that obviously demonstrates the exchange was finished appropriately and was endorsed by the cardholder.

The proof expected for an effective chargeback representment case depends on the chargeback reason code. As a rule, nonetheless, vendors are supposed to present a chargeback reply letter that sums up the proof it is legitimate to demonstrate the exchange. Regularly, you should give proof that shows the cardholder endorsed the exchange, your discount/merchandise exchange, a portrayal of the item or administration from your site, and following numbers to demonstrate the thing was conveyed.
To assist you with prevailing in your chargeback representment, do the accompanying:

  • Respond quickly
  • Know the chargeback representment process rules
  • Collect compelling evidence
  • Know the specific reason code
  • Review customer data
  • Ask for help

Chargeback Management System

Chargebacks can turn into a genuine issue for organizations whenever left uncontrolled. Unreasonable chargebacks could prompt critical income misfortune and trick the development of a business. With the right devices and bits of knowledge, vendors might have the option to diminish the quantity of chargebacks they need to process (and deal with the repercussions of the chargeback cycle when they in all actuality do have to handle one) by carrying out a chargeback management system like Midigator.

A wide range of organizations of everything various sizes can profit from utilizing chargeback management system to deal with their clients’ installment questions. Midigator is an illustration of a chargeback management system that can help forestall chargebacks and battle them assuming they do occur. Thereafter, the software can investigate what is happening to decide the reason for the installment question so dealers can further develop their management procedure. These capacities structure an exhaustive, multifaceted installment debate goal procedure that could be useful to organizations forestall and oversee chargebacks and smooth out their chargeback processes generally.

chase online chargeback management system

Reduce the time and effort it takes to respond to chargebacks and retrieval requests with our online chargeback management system. We post all chargebacks and retrieval requests to your interface, which lets you accept or reject chargebacks, upload supporting documents or assign cases to your chargeback analysts. Plus, you can track the status of all chargebacks and measure the efficiency of your chargeback processes and personnel.

List of the Best Chargeback Management Software

  1. SEON – Best for Transaction Fraud Prevention
  2. Sift – Controlling Payment Fraud at Every Level
  3. Chargebacks911 – Resolution Templates and Solutions
  4. Verifi – A Visa Solution for Merchants and Issuers
  5. ChargebackGurus – Managed Chargeback Prevention and Resolution
  6. Riskified – Chargeback Guarantee for Ecommerce

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