How Digital Marketing is Helping MBA Professionals Grow

There are currently 3,675,824,813 people using the internet around the world. That’s a considerable amount. With a penetration of 50.1% in 2016, internet use has increased by 958% since 2000. Given the general trend toward online activities, it is hardly surprising that the digital marketing industry is experiencing rapid expansion in terms of job opportunities. In the long run, all of us MBAs will need tertiary abilities that will affect our business strategy thinking. So more candidates are running towards Digital Marketing Training.

Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing Course:

There is a Need for Digital Marketing Training in Industries :

There are several open positions in India for people with digital marketing experience. Since there is a greater demand for skilled workers but a limited supply, companies are making hiring decisions based on the applicants’ skills. Go to any employment site and search for “digital marketing jobs” to get a feel for the demand. You’ll be shocked at the findings.

According to a survey released on October 18th, 2019, half of India’s population is already online. It opens up a massive opportunity for startups with an online presence, leading to increased demand for digital marketers.

Online Marketing is the Wave of the Future:

The popularity of digital marketing is growing to the point where the term “Digital Marketing” will be shortened to “Marketing” in the not-too-distant future.

If you still don’t believe me, consider that digital technology like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, intelligent automobiles, and smart houses have surrounded us from every angle.

Furthermore, in recent years, our digital consumption has skyrocketed, a fact confirmed by research which indicated that the United States consumes more digital media than television.

Companies, governments, organisations, non-profits, and communities are all spending big right now to find and keep an audience.

Since Digital marketing training is unquestionable “The Marketing” of the future, this may be the most compelling argument for getting involved in the field.

 A Digital marketing course is the Equivalent of a Mini-MBA:

You can’t expect to get hired just because you have an MBA. You need to update your MBA program because it is no longer relevant in today’s rapidly evolving marketing environment. When looking for new employees, businesses look for specific skills.

Digital marketing training has several benefits. You gain knowledge of modern marketing practices and the techniques needed to implement them, such as content marketing. The bottom line is all that matters in digital marketing. After completing an MBA program, you gain expertise in enhancing your brand, learning to advertise your products and services effectively, and implementing marketing strategies that generate tangible results.

Digital Marketing Training Provides More Credibility to your Resume:

Demand for those who are proficient in digital marketing is rising rapidly. To build a portfolio in a conventional field like advertising, you must first secure an internship or graduation placement.

Otherwise, the field of digital marketing course is ripe with opportunities to strike out on your own and eventually find a permanent place in the workforce.

It’s possible that internet marketing isn’t the main focus of your work. However, employers will be lining up to recruit you if you fundamentally understand digital marketing. Businesses are looking for marketers who can generate more leads and sales.

Keep pace with the competition:

You should contribute to business growth by increasing the number of leads, revenue, and profits as a digital marketer. It is only possible to accomplish this with a familiarity with conventional marketing strategies. Education beyond the MBA is crucial to a prosperous marketing profession. After an MBA, you can choose from a wide variety of programs.

MBA marketing courses are widely available at many universities. Marketing MBAs face a challenging job market.

To remain competitive in the war for top talent, your organisation should strive to maximise return on investment (ROI) while spending as little as possible. Professionals in the field of digital marketing are also expected to have strong analytical skills. You’ll be able to keep ahead of the game in this way.

Only via tailored digital marketing training to acquire these abilities. Digital marketing course is available after completing a master’s degree in finance. You can improve your professional prospects after completing an MBA in marketing if you take digital marketing courses.

Include in your portfolio any reference to your digital marketing experience or education. Include information on your CV about your digital marketing training; your chances of getting hired will increase dramatically.


Earning credentials in digital marketing will improve your work prospects. On top of that, a certificate is tangible evidence of your mastery of a subject area.

A Digital Marketing Course is the finest way to get your foot in the door of the fast-growing field of digital advertising. If you’re looking for a high-paying career with a major multinational corporation (MNC), having a certification in digital marketing will help you stand out from the competition. It is the best course if you’re scratching your brain over what to do after earning an MBA.

Finale Takeaway

Digital marketing is a growing field with a wide variety of employment options from which to pick. Check out HENRY HARVIN’S hands-on Digital Marketing Course, which comes with guaranteed job placement, if you’re interested in breaking into the exciting field of digital marketing.

Take advantage of the opportunity and set the course for a successful career in digital marketing to your success!


Q1. Is it a satisfying career to work in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital marketing is a growing field and could be a good fit for you if you are an ambitious marketer who thrives in a dynamic and fast-paced workplace. You must equip yourself with the proper knowledge and abilities to succeed in a competitive job market.

Q2. What is a Digital Marketing course fees?

Ans: Digital Marketing course fees can cost anywhere from INR 455 to INR 50,000 in India.

Q3. How long is the Digital Marketing training course?

Ans: A wide range of time commitments are available when enrolling in a digital marketing course, from two to six months at most schools. To earn a one-year certificate in digital marketing, many schools only spend two to three months on the fundamentals before sending you out on an unpaid internship.

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