How are organizations practicing agile in the year 2022?

Agile practices have undergone a significant transformation. In other words, Agile
adoption has increased exponentially.
Agile Adoption refers to the change in process that is in line with agile principles
and values.
Agile adoption is seeing a steady increase at the pace of lightning-fast speed. As
per the 15th State of Agile Report, the following 6 things stood out

1. Agile adoption has increased manifold and the non tech teams are following in the footsteps

A significant number of teams indicated that they’ve made some big shifts in their
working lives. Agile software development practices have gone mainstream and
are being used by teams in non-tech areas. For example, 17% of marketing
teams now use agile (double those using it a year ago) and the practice has also
taken root in finance teams, which have reported 10% adoption of agile. Overall
levels of agile usage within businesses jumped from 8% to 12%.

2. Organizations that have limited experience with agile are increased their agile adoption efforts

Despite the significant amount of agile adoption, we’ve seen in recent years, a
large majority of corporate enterprises are still not completely agile.
Although we have seen the increase in Agile adoption among teams, according
to our recent report 94% of surveyed companies stated that they had some
experience with agile and 87% have had at least one year of experience.

3. Scrum is the most practiced methodology when it comes to teams

66 percent of agencies across the globe indicated that they prefer to use Scrum
over other agile methodologies. But this is only a recent revelation. Back in 2006,
when the first State of Agile Report was published, only 40% of organizations
said that Scrum was their primary choice for development. This number rose to
58% in the most recent report from 2017. It seems like nowadays it’s hard to find
a company not using Scrum as their development methodology

4. Agile tools, techniques, and rituals have become common with teams

The use of Agile practices has increased which indicate the change in mindset
towards Agile adoption. Here are the following findings-
● 87% of the respondents used Daily Stand-Up meetings
● 83% used retrospectives
● Sprint and Iteration planning were used by 83%
● Sprint and Iteration reviews were preferred by 83%

5. DevOps and Value Stream Management adoption is seeing an upward trend by organizations who want to go digital transformation

DevOps philosophy is also being adopted by an increasingly large number of
organizations. 56% of respondents said they currently have a DevOps initiative in
place, and 18% are currently planning on implementing one. In fact, only 13% of
the respondents said their organization does not currently employ a DevOps
approach to software development and deployment.
Value stream management is becoming a popular companion
ideology/framework alongside other agile and DevOps practices. Recent studies
show that 56% of companies are implementing or planning to implement value
stream management. Another 23% say they’re interested in value stream

6. Agile is filled with challenges which is the main reason for companies turning to Value Stream Management

As per the latest State of Agile Survey, the following challenges concerning Agile
Adoption came to light-
● 46% reported inconsistent processes and practices
● 43% cited cultural clashes
● 42% stated general organizational resistance to change
● 42% remarked lack of skills and experience

Agile development teams can help improve the flow of information between
last-minute changes and other development tasks that require lengthy planning
to do well. However, organizations should be willing to make significant
organizational changes in order to better enable agile practices.
Additionally, new departments or specialized skills may need to be created from
existing personnel or hires may need to be made during this transitional period.
These issues are inevitable and important for an organization to address before
trying out their pilot project.

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