How a Good Health Can Bring Up Happiness

Health and happiness often go hand in hand. Having good health is one of the most significant indicators of physical, mental, spiritual well-being and happiness. Good health entails much more than the absence of disease, as most people would assume.

Health is so much more than the non-existence of the conditions that bring diseases. As such, people are free to make their own choices—including ones that diminish their value of health, life, peace, beauty, and happiness.

Otherwise, they can also make healthier choices and live a wholesome, fulfilling, and eventually healthy life. Happiness can be achieved when people are in good physical health, a function of nutrition and diet, exercise, sleep, and generally wholesome, stress-free living.

Further evidence of this revolution is the number of male and female people joining fitness centers. People now embrace physical health and well-being practices, which translates into a happier pre-deposition.

This further proves a direct correlation between people’s physical well-being and abundant life and happiness.

Better Immune Health Leads to Happiness

There’s a lot of research showing the correlation between happiness and a robust immune system. Recovering quickly from disease and illness has a higher likelihood of happiness and general well-being.

Research by the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that people with low anxiety and stress experienced a more robust antibody response and were highly optimistic after getting a flu shot.
In another study, researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University exposed individuals between 21 and 55 years of age and assessed the general positivity. Participants who became less sick than others showed emotional well-being that was largely calm, happy, and lively compared to those who were depressed, angry, or anxious.

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The Cyclical Relationship between Happiness and Health

During the last couple of years, there’s been a rise in scientific research, connecting physical health and overall well-being to happiness. A lot of this research comes from the growing field of Positive Psychology—a branch of psychology that focuses on a slightly different aspect of psychological research.

Historically, psychology intended to understand and offer remedies for depression, fear, stress, anxiety, and other mental disorders that contribute to unhappiness. On the other hand, positive psychology seeks to examine the benefits and causes of positive emotions that lead to happiness.

Why Are People Happy When They Are In Good Health?

  1. When people desire to be healthy, they instinctively become happy and experience a long life. Being in good health is predicated on life longevity and happiness.
  2. People in good health enjoy a more active lifestyle. They can easily participate in physical activities that bring happiness, such as participating in group activities like running a marathon, hiking, or dancing.
  3. Being in good physical health gives people a wide range of opportunities for occupations that require physical fitness, like a firefighter or a lifeguard.
  4. Healthy people are more likely to be better off financially. Healthcare is expensive, and the inability to meet this financial burden experienced by millions can lead to chronic unhappiness. Money may not buy happiness or health, but it’s crucial in the happiness equation.
  5. Being healthy and free from chronic pain allows people to have a better social life, strengthening their relationships with others and leading to happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

It’s evident that being healthy leads to a happy life. Below are some of the ways good health affects our happiness levels.

Heart Disease and Happiness

A study was done by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and it was composed of 1,500 siblings with a strong family history of heart disease.

It was found that their chances of getting heart diseases reduced by 30% when they led a healthy, optimistic lifestyle. This, in turn, led to them experiencing vitality and life satisfaction.
Those with the highest risk of getting a heart attack were 50% less likely to experience one if they showed health and positive well-being traits.

An additional study published in the Neurobiology of Aging showed that people who had higher happiness levels had lower resting heart rates and lower blood pressure than those who were unhealthy.

Chronic Pain Affects Happiness

Research shows that people who can cope with chronic pain lead a largely positive and fulfilling life. Pain is something that we all experience on a physical and emotional level. Pain is a unique sensory event that causes emotional responses such as anxiety and fear.

When pain strikes, knowing how to handle it and having improved resilience will help you lead a high-quality life filled with happiness despite chronic pain.” One way to help address chronic pain issues is booking an IV vitamin therapy in Palm Springs. Vitamins and nutrients work together to help reduce inflammation, helping to relieve chronic pain.


Happiness comes in many shapes and forms. You can derive happiness from following your dreams, getting a phone call from a beloved family member or friend, creating a peaceful, loving home where you find solace, getting that much-needed embrace from a loved one, or simply leading a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of what makes you happy, leading a fulfilled life that is stress-free and satisfied is the ultimate answer to day-to-day happiness, not just short, periodic bursts of joy.

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