Herman Miller Aeron Chairs in Stock

If you’re looking for the best office chair to fit in with your decor and make your work space comfortable and productive, you should definitely consider investing in a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. This is a stylish option that comes in a variety of sizes and has options to customize its features. For example, you can choose a lumbar pad, PostureFit SL, or even a plastic frame with recycledbusinessfurniture.co.uk


The Herman Miller Aeron chair is a worthy contender in the office furniture arena. It has an inspired design and a few notable features. In addition to the usual suspects like seat incline, back tilt and lumbar support, the Aeron has a kinemat tilt mechanism that allows the natural arc of your body to move up and down your spine as you sit and work. This, in combination with the best ergonomics of its kind, makes the Aeron an all-around winner in the office furniture category.

While the Aeron may be a little too pricey for your average college student, you can save yourself the heartache by checking out the refurbished versions from Seating Mind. They’re a fraction of the original cost and come with a lifetime warranty. Plus, with the Aeron in your life, you’ll get the comforts and convenience of a home office without the headaches.

Besides the best-in-class selection of chairs, Seating Mind offers an impressive array of refurbished furniture that’s as good as new. Whether you’re looking for a new office chair, a replacement sofa or a hefty dose of bling for the den, they’ve got you covered.

Plastic frame

The Aeron Chair is one of the most popular office chairs on the market. It was first introduced in 1994 and it helped bring ergonomics to the world of office seating. Since then, it has become a global icon. In addition to its comfort, the chair is an eco-friendly design.

Herman Miller recently announced that its new Aeron chair will be made with ocean-bound plastic. This plastic will come from the Indian and Indonesian coastlines. By utilizing this material, the company hopes to save up to 150 tons of plastic a year.

The company is working with a consortium called NextWave Plastics. This group of manufacturers and suppliers is comprised of many major consumer brands and technology companies. They are aiming to develop a global supply chain for ocean-bound plastic.

NextWave supplies Herman Miller with pellets that are processed from recycled plastic waste. The company uses the pellets to produce various items, including Aeron chairs.

Lumbar pad

If you are shopping for a new chair, the Aeron chair from Herman Miller may be right up your alley. This ergonomically designed chair is known for its comfort, style and versatility. It is designed for both the casual meeting and the demanding office setting. Designed with the latest in seating technology, this chair is built to last.

In fact, the Aeron chair has a twelve year warranty, making it a very desirable option. However, not all Aeron chairs are created equal. As such, it is important to consider your unique needs before deciding on an Aeron. The most important factor is the size of the chair. You can choose from three sizes – small, medium and large. While the largest is not suitable for petite folks, the rest should fit the bill.

To help you make the best selection, the Herman Miller showroom will help guide you. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is the type of lumbar pad to purchase. For the average consumer, a single lumbar pad is enough, but for those who are serious about achieving the sexiest seated position, a dual lumbar pad is your best bet.

PostureFit SL (optional)

If you are looking for an office chair that will provide you with a healthy and ergonomic posture, you may want to consider the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller. This model is an executive chair that is incredibly comfortable and provides a variety of different options to allow you to customize it to suit your needs.

The Aeron chair uses PostureFit SL technology, which helps to keep your spine in its natural position. This can help prevent pain and nerve damage in the back. It also encourages your body to maintain comfort in a wide range of reclining postures.

The seat angle is adjustable, and the tilt limiter helps to limit how much you recline. You can choose between a five-degree forward angle or a ten-degree horizontal angle.

The armrests of the Aeron chair are made of durable polyurethane foam. They are designed to spread weight evenly over the surface. There is also a headrest that can be added.


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