What Is G2A? A Quick Guide

What Is G2A?

G2A is a marketplace for digital goods which offers a variety of gaming-related goods. A few of these comprise game-related codes software code, hardware for computers and board games.

In contrast to other marketplaces on the internet which sell game-related codes, like Humble Bundle, for example – G2A does not actually offer anything. Instead, each and every product G2A offers is offered through an reseller.

A reseller purchases a good – an online game for instance – and then sells the product to another person. The game codes you purchase are purchased through G2A neither are they directly sold by the creator or the distributors of games. In this case, G2A is a “gray market”.

Gray markets are one which offers new products – for example unusual game codes that are not sold through the authorized channels for distribution.

For game codes An authorized distribution channel is a market that allows developers to sell their games. The most well-known authorized distribution channels are Steam as well as Good Old Games, along with a variety of others.

G2A is a grey market. G2A generally offers games with lower prices than the normal. However, you won’t get the same customer support services that licensed distribution channels provide.

How does G2A work?

G2A.com is a website that , like Gumtree or ebay connects both sellers and buyers of the grey market Game keys to play PC games, as well as code for activation of PSN or Xbox Live credit, as also code for different software gifts cards, and, in recent times, even gaming equipment.

To be precise, G2A itself does not sell game codes, or at least in the sense that we are aware of. It’s an online marketplace which allows users to purchase game codes. What you have to do is purchase your key, then wait until it is emailed to you, then go to the appropriate platform: Epic Games Store, Steam, Uplay, etc login and choose the option to play games. Enter your key and download the game’s game files directly from the servers of the platform and not G2A’s.

How can these codes be so inexpensive then, you might be asking. The answer is in the fact that the game’s prices differ from one country to the next in accordance with the average salary. Sellers buy activation codes in areas with low prices in the hopes of selling them to customers who are in more expensive. This gives them and G2A gain money as gamers benefit from a reduction in the normal retail price.

G2A introduces new steps to protect against fraud. Sellers are required to verify their social media profiles and telephone numbers. They have a limit of 10 transactions before they have to submit additional verification. The goal is to stop fraudsters from defrauding buyers using non-working game codes.

However, game developers do not like G2A. Some have used Twitter to inform players that, if can’t afford the full cost to play their game, it’d be more advantageous to pirate the game rather than purchase it through G2A. These claims are outrageous as the developers state they aren’t the money they are due when games are sold through G2A and that codes are typically acquired through fraud, and not by purchasing legitimately. More details can be found in this blog post about Mode 7 games.

For instance, G2A has admitted that on the market, it was able to sell nearly 200 keys stolen from the game Factorio and has given the developer Wube $39,000 in restitution. However, this is an uncommon situation, and the majority of games sold are genuine.

It is also the reason it’s risky purchasing these grey-market codes as they could work at first however, the code could be invalidated in the event that the developer detects and block fake codes. In essence, G2A isn’t an authorised reseller, which means it’s not genuine.

Based on our experience, we would not purchase games from G2A We would instead be a good supporter of the developers by purchasing the games directly from an authorized reseller like Steam.

Is G2A Legit?

The services G2A provides are genuine. But, as you’ve learned previously, the game codes that are sold by G2A are not the same.

There are plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers. There are also many negative reviews from customers who are unhappy.

If you examine those negative testimonials, you’ll discover that they’re usually caused by any of the following reasons one of which is that) the game’s code didn’t work 2.) the game’s code was functional but was later cancelled and the game was rendered unplayable or) how to go about refunded the product that was damaged was extremely difficult.

As an online marketplace, G2A is legitimate. However, some of the products offered by G2A are illegal or acquired by fraudulent methods.

Is G2A Safe?

One of the most common questions you’re asking yourself is: Is G2A secure? The past was when the site had the “G2A Shield” added to your cart each time you selected an online game to purchase. The website has changed that, however, G2A now has a money-back assurance in place in the event that something goes wrong in your purchase and the seller of the third party does not wish to assist even though they’re supposed to. In addition, G2A also automatically adds an additional 10 percent ‘order fee. If you’re looking for games or price-matching, make sure that you include the extra fees when comparing costs on the major platforms.


In the majority of cases, G2A has a lot of reviews that are positive from customers who report they were able to get their game keys within a matter of minutes and were authentic. However, not all customers was pleased with their purchase from G2A. A few customers complain that they did not receive the key they requested in their email or that the keys they received weren’t working.

Where Are the Game Keys From?

However, G2A can’t always verify the source of these game keys as it depends on the place where the third-party vendor received the game keys. Small resellers sometimes purchase game keys every time they have sales or promotions large corporations will likely buy these games from distributors themselves. However, G2A does its part to ensure safety and security at all times by scrutinizing every seller.

What is the reason game keys for G2A so inexpensive?

If the developer sells their game via Steam the company takes an amount of around 30 percent of sales. Therefore, when using G2A developers can offer their games at a lower cost without losing any money in particular since G2A’s commission rate is just 10,8 percent. Resellers on G2A.COM purchase keys in bulk and receive a reduction. This is how resellers operate around the globe.

The answer is in purchasing bulk products will result in a significant discount. Sellers buy activation codes huge quantities and then sell the codes at a profit, without needing to increase prices above the normal market prices. This lets them make profit while gamers save money. G2A offers keys that typically originate from countries where an euro exchange rate is beneficial. If the game you’re looking for costs between 60 and 70 euros, on G2A you can get it at a fraction of the cost. G2A is secure and the costs are less due to the fact that the license key was given to the dealer located in a nation in which the currency has an inferior value. G2A customers can make use of this and purchase safe, legal and inexpensive games.

Is G2A a Safe Site to Buy Game Codes From?

For a site, G2A is safe enough to browse. The business and website adhere to the laws and regulations in force across multiple jurisdictions (though it isn’t stated in detail).

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Game Codes From G2A?

The primary advantage G2A provides is the price. Game codes purchased through G2A is typically will cost less than if it was purchased through Steam, Humble Bundle, or another service.

A lot of people are drawn to G2A due to this reason it is the only reason. In addition to that, G2A is quite popular and, consequently it appears to be more secure in comparison to comparable marketplaces.

G2A Alternatives

G2A isn’t the only site that sells gift cards and gaming keys. There are numerous alternatives to G2A including:

  • CDKeys
  • Instant Gaming
  • Greenman Gaming
  • Kinguin

You should exercise cautiousness when purchasing anything on the G2A other websites.

They aren’t as reputable and user-friendly as they are reliable, trustworthy and trustworthy as G2A. You must verify their credibility and legitimacy prior to making purchases.


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