Nylon Dog Harness: Main Characteristics and Features of Choice

The collar is that important piece of ammunition for dogs that every pet should have. The leather collar is necessary for dog training and for daily control on a walk. This is not just an item of equipment, it is a kind of dog passport. As a rule, the owners indicate the name and address of the pet on the collar, which helps to find it in case of loss. Personalised collars with pet names make it clear to passers-by that dogs have owners and homes. Collars for dogs also serve as an ornament and a stylish accessory. If you choose it correctly, it can emphasize the features of the pet.

Nylon collars are very popular today, as they have bright design patterns and perfectly emphasize the beauty and individuality of the pet. Along with customize nylon collars, nylon harness has become very popular. You can buy a high-quality nylon harness from the Waudog online store. Specialists will be happy to help you choose the best custom product for your pet.

What Is a Nylon Dog Harness and What Is Its Advantage?

A harness for a dog is a soft fabric construction that wraps around the dog from the side of the sternum and is used to control the animal. The accessory helps to avoid damage to the soft tissues of the neck during particularly sharp jerks. Unlike the cervical spine, the thoracic spine of dogs is stable, so if a dog can get disc displacement, it usually happens in childhood due to the wrong choice or fit of the collar. Therefore, harnesses of the correct size are recommended to be chosen from an early age of the pet, because they have a much lower risk of injury.

The slings do not pinch the trachea, larynx, jugular vein and do not affect the thyroid gland. The harness is optimally suited for massive short-necked dogs (pugs, bulldogs), for which it is sometimes difficult to find a collar. In addition, ammunition is often used for pets from the greyhound group, which are distinguished by a graceful neck – they can easily wriggle out of a standard collar. The harness does not have a direct effect on the shoulder girdle and the position of the forelimbs. The use of properly selected equipment eliminates splayed, clubfoot, or twisted elbows, unless this is a genetic feature of certain breeds of dogs.

According to waudog.com, a wide variety of materials are used for the manufacture of a dog harness, but nylon is considered one of the highest quality. This is due to the fact that nylon provides strength, reliability, and incredible durability. In comparison, the tarpaulin is more attractive in price, but less durable than nylon, and also poorly washed and absorbs moisture. Cotton, for example, has all the advantages of nylon but weighs a little more. Velour is mainly used for making decorative harnesses for small dogs. It has the lowest strength of all other materials.

So, the Nylon Dog Harness is very practical. It has a number of advantageous characteristics compared to products made from other materials. Browse the waudog.com catalog with a wide selection of dog products and buy the best accessory for your puppy!

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Specifics of Choosing a Nylon Dog Harness

The customized nylon harness dog should be soft, elastic, but at the same time durable and wear-resistant. Try to choose harnesses that have multiple fasteners. You can easily find them on the waudog.com website. If the harness has only one clasp, then its use will be much more difficult. Also, pay attention to the size of the harness you buy. The ideal option would be such a size, in which it will be possible to pass a hand between the worn construction and the dog’s sternum. A tighter or vice versa looser option will be less comfortable for the animal.

When choosing a harness, do not forget to take into account not only the size of the dog but also the characteristics of behavior. Pay attention to the presence of a leash in the kit. Sometimes it is not included in the kit and you have to buy it separately.

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