Does Premium Gel Wax Melts Long Lasting Or Not?

Gel wax melts, also known as jelly wax melts, are an easy way to make any space or room smell incredibly nice without having to deal with the flame and soot that comes with expensive candles.

If you have been looking for a safer alternative to scented candles that saves you more money, then premium gel wax melts are what you have been searching for but you haven’t realized it just yet.

Now you know that premium gel wax melts are a safer and more affordable option to scented candles, what comes to mind next is how long they last. Just like scented candles and other types of wax melts, the answer to how long they last depend on a few factors, such as, how they are made, the quality of the oil and gel wax used, and how the wax melts are stored. All those factors play a huge role in determining the burn time you’ll get out of your premium gel wax melts.

However, you can say that a 40g pot is expected to last an average of 40 hours—but note that the duration is based on the factors mentioned earlier and depending on those factors, it could last longer or shorter than the expected time.

If you’d like to make your premium wax melts last longer in order to get the most out of it, continue reading.

What kind of wax warmers can be used with premium gel wax melts?

Some wax burners (or wax warmers) get hot way too fast and when that happens, it can make the scent smell a lot stronger in the beginning but it’ll ultimately reduce the burn time significantly. Additionally, wax warmers that get too hot quickly could also be a potential fire hazard.

The recommended wax warmer to use for your premium gel wax melts is one that uses a 4-hour unscented tealight and has a height of at least 10cm to ensure that the flame is at a good (or safe) distance from the warmer tray. Make sure to check your warmer regularly for chips or hairline cracks before usage—never use warmers with cracks or chips as they could cause a fire hazard.

When using premium gel wax melts on electric wax warmers, it’s important to control or regulate the temperature to ensure a longer and safer burn time.

How long can premium gel wax melts be stored?

The way you store your premium wax melt can significantly impact the overall burn time. For the best results, you should keep your premium gel wax melts in their packaging and store them in a dark cool place until you are ready to use them. 

You do not want your premium gel wax melts to come in contact with any direct sunlight or for them to be exposed to extreme heat. Why? Because doing that will ultimately shorten the burn time and change the scent of your premium gel wax melts.

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