Cryptocurrency – Don’t Invest to Become Rich! Bitcoin Isn’t for Getting Rich

Don’t fret if you’re scolding yourself for not dipping your toes into the bitcoin market and thinking you’re one of the few who lost out. Despite the recent price drop, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still trading at significantly higher levels than in the past.

Despite the media hysteria, distribution data imply that if you don’t possess bitcoin, you’re not alone, and you’re not getting rich if you do. While millions of people read about rising cryptocurrency values and market capitalizations, just a few wallets are expanding.

The basic principles of investing appear straightforward: diversify your account and emphasize the long term. That is until you witness a Reddit user make a fortune suddenly by speculating on bitcoin.

So, you might be lamenting yourself for not investing in one of these cryptocurrencies. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though.

Choosing the correct cryptocurrency — and profiting from it — is far more difficult than it appears.

Why Is Bitcoin Not a Getting Rich Scheme?

Bitcoin isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy; it’s a slow-and-steady approach to getting rich. Most individuals exchange their life energy and time for fiat currency, oblivious to the fact that these dollars depreciate on a regular basis.

Employees spend their working life trying to retain their current quality of living. Time and life force are stored in the currency with which we choose to denominate our lives.

They will purchase a coin when it begins to appreciate, which is fairly quickly in the crypto industry. In no time, the value of a coin can climb by 100%. When you observe a coin increasing in value, your initial inclination is to grab it.

As soon as you make a purchase, the price will begin to drop swiftly. Just as 100–1000 percent increases are typical, so are 50–90 percent declines. So, if the price starts to drop rapidly, you’ll sell.

Ultimately, you will lose. As a result, trading Bitcoins for beginners who refuse to learn to wind up losing money or earning far less than they could have.

It is critical to recognize that the market is very volatile. So, unless you’re investing in bitcoin margin trading, you shouldn’t put more than 1–3% of your overall investment into any single coin.

Bitcoin (BTC) is similar to the US dollar in that it is a relatively safe refuge, but it is also quite volatile. Alt currencies are similar to stocks in that they provide higher profits and are significantly more volatile than Bitcoin.

Is Owning Bitcoin a Good Idea?

Bitcoin is open to everyone. To purchase some, all you require is a smartphone or computer with Internet access or a trip to a grocery shop with a Bitcoin ATM.

Investing in equities or opening a bank account is much more difficult, particularly for those that aren’t financially well-off. The world’s poor can keep whatsoever money they have in Bitcoin without fear of it being depreciated as a result of growing demand.

Bitcoin is immune to confiscation, which is advantageous for those fleeing harsh situations with their savings. Gold is weighty, and cash is big. Both are detected and confiscated by governments and thieves.

What is the best way to get one’s entire savings to their foreign state? For many, keeping Bitcoin in a digital wallet with a memorized “secret word” has proven a viable option.

To use it, one must memorize a sequence of 12 odd phrases that can be used to access their Bitcoin funds after they reach their actual destination. And would-be robbers have no way of knowing which random passenger in an airport carries such a wallet.

Millionaires do not appear out of anywhere. And you’ll require a lot more effort than you anticipate. It’s just that the payoff for that effort is significantly greater.

Those who make a lot of money spend a significant amount of time researching about it. If you want to have a fundamental knowledge of the economy in 3–4 months, plan on spending 5–6 hours each day on research. After that, the research phase continues.

You can expect a 1000 percent return on your investment in a year if you execute it correctly. If the market is good, you can expect a return of 2000–3000 percent.


At the end of the day, it’s all about taking a chance and being willing to take both losses and gains. You may at least feel certain that the bitcoin margin trading is on exchanges are controlled as a futures dealer. You will have a supervisory panel if you have a disagreement.

You might be on your own when you leave this world and enter the uncontrolled and decentralized world of cryptocurrency. Perhaps you’re ready to take that chance. If you are, it’s critical that you completely comprehend what you’re putting yourself into — not just what you hope to earn, but also what you incur a loss.

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