Choosing a Brand Name That Pops

After solidifying your new business plan and readying your new product or service for market, a highly important part of your marketing plan should be choosing a unique, relevant brand name. This may seem like a relatively easy endeavor compared to creating your new company from scratch. However, choosing just the right brand name requires careful thought and consideration. You want it to be unique, easy to remember and to reflect your company’s mission. You need it to be short, and you want to be sure it is spelled right, as well as grammatically correct.

Because there are legal considerations in choosing a brand name that is not already in use, it’s incredibly important that you choose a unique name. Namify is a website that helps entrepreneurs by generating a brand name ideas list utilizing a list of keywords that users input. The list generated by Namify will include only brand names that aren’t already in use. However, if you already have a brand name in mind, be sure to do an exhaustive internet search to ensure that the name is not already taken. Because of the legal ramifications of choosing a non-unique brand name, this is not a step you’ll want to take lightly. Of course, there are additional advantages to creating a unique name. A name that is fresh and unique will stand out and appeal to potential clients because it seems new and clever.

It will certainly help customers to find you online if your brand name is easy to remember. This advice goes hand-in-hand with the notion of creating a brand name that reflects your company’s mission. Just because you love sailboats, doesn’t mean that your golf ball manufacturing company’s brand should reflect your love of the sea. Your company’s brand name will come to mind for customers quickly if it is short and if it references the product you sell or the service you provide. Again, here is where Namify can help, as you can utilize keywords that will ensure that the results provided reflect your mission.

Because the public’s attention span is so short, your brand name may succeed better if it is also short. Of course, there are several reasons why a short brand name will serve you well. However, this requirement reflects in large part the general public’s desire to read less and click more. If your name is short and pops with all the uniqueness we discussed before, people are more likely to choose your link from a long list of internet search results.

One final consideration is to ensure that your brand name is spelled correctly and that it is grammatically correct. In some cases, it may work to intentionally spell a word wrong. However, tread lightly with this concept. In general, a short, correctly-spelled name is one that will appeal to a broad base of customers without causing confusion.

While it may seem like there is a lot to think about, don’t forget to have fun when choosing your brand name. After all, you’ve worked hard to establish your business, and providing it with just the right name should be exciting.

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