Quick Ways to Get Started with Your Business Email Marketing

If you haven’t started email marketing yet, there’s no better time than now. Since Constant Contact developed the first email marketing solution for small businesses in 1998, email marketing has evolved significantly.

What hasn’t changed is the value and benefits of email marketing.

According to studies, email marketing beats other digital marketing channels such as social media and sponsored search. Figuring out how to get started is the most difficult part; therefore, we’ve done the research for you:

Select a service provider for email marketing.

If you’re serious about email marketing, you’ll need to partner with an email marketing service provider. Working with a provider is a surefire way to correctly use email marketing automation to send communications to a big group of contacts or subscribers.

You should get an email domain NZ if you want to sell to a specific audience in a country like New Zealand. A reputable provider will also have all the necessary tools to assist you in growing and managing your email lists, such as tracking features that show you who is opening and engaging with your campaigns and messages.

Create an email marketing list

Start by using your existing contacts. Consider the customers and people with whom you already have a relationship. Begin by placing a paper sign-up sheet near your register, including an online sign-up form on your website, and promoting your social media followers and regular customers to sign up. Do not, under any circumstances, buy an email list.

Create an email template

You can send professionally designed emails that look great on every device even if you’re not a designer

Customize your template with your brand by adding your logo at the top of your email and linking the image back to your chosen location. Add your company’s trademark colors and create an email footer with your company name, contact information, or links to your social media accounts.

You don’t need to start from scratch and apply your branding every time you use a reusable template.

Write compelling messages

This is one of the most frightening phases for business owners. I understand – writer’s block happens to even the best of us. It also helps to use a repeatable method and divide your content into three key sections:

  • What do you have to offer? — The headline
  • What benefit will it provide for the reader? — Message text
  • So, what should they do now? – Call to action

Review and test before sending

When starting with email marketing, it’s simple to make mistakes.

Perhaps you overlooked a crucial link or made an embarrassing spelling error in the subject line. Remember to send a Test Email to yourself or a staff member before sending it to your entire list.

Send an email (at the best time)

When it comes to sending out an email, time is critical.

Every audience is unique, and the best time to send will base on who is on your email list. You can also develop and stick to a consistent sending schedule. If you send newsletters on the first of every month, your readers will start to expect it in their inboxes.

Monitor the results

Email marketing doesn’t end with sendouts. Track your open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, and so on, and aim to improve over time.

Spending a few minutes to analyze your email statistics will provide useful information, including who opened your email, what specific links are clicked, and what was most intriguing to your readers.

While knowing how appealing your campaign messages are is vital, ensure you’re also tracking actions that occur outside your emails. How many unique visits to your contribution page result in actual donations? How much money has been raised as a result of a single email?

Are you ready to start email marketing?

Email marketing may be intimidating initially, but with a reliable email domain NZ provider, you’ll have all the tools you need to start your first email marketing campaigns.

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