How Beneficial Are Bike Carriers?

Cycling is a great physical exercise and has many health benefits. Most people living in metropolitan cities like New York prefer biking around the streets instead of using a car. However, they use bicycles for everyday commute, and that’s not what this article is all about. We are about to discuss one of the challenges of cycling enthusiasts who like to carry their bicycles on leisure trips like camping and road trips. If you have ever carried a bicycle in your car, you would know how difficult that is. Bike carriers or bicycle racks are a wonderful category of car accessories that allow you to transport your bike with you in your vehicle. However, if you do not have a bike rack installed on your vehicle, you may have many doubts about it. So, let’s discuss everything about bike carriers, including the various benefits of having one.

Benefits of having bike carriers

Safe and efficient

Loading a bike onto your truck or car is not an easy task. Driving with it is a whole other story in itself. However, the process is hassle-free with the help of bike carriers. Whether you use a bike carrier for ute or car, you can rest assured about its safety while driving. All bike carriers comprise heavy metals and can easily accommodate your bikes. Regardless of where you load the bike (on top or rear of the car), it stays intact as bike carriers have a lock and anti-tilt mechanism. That keeps the bike from moving or tilting while the vehicle is in motion. The loading and unloading process is also efficient and hassle-free within a few minutes.

Protection against theft

Loading and unloading the bicycle on the roof is not the only challenge while transporting it without a bike carrier. Keeping it safe from getting stolen hinders one’s peace of mind during a road trip. Whether you pull in for a quick pitstop at the gas station or to grab your favorite burrito at Chipotle, you must be on the lookout. However, that’s not the case when you use bike carriers. Your bike remains locked and secure at several tie-down points, so you can rest assured about losing it. Thank god, at least the safety of your bike is not one of the worries you have on your road trip.

Easy to install and use

There are several types of bike carriers available in the market. We’ll discuss that later. Regardless of the type of bike carrier you choose, they are easy to use and install. However, you must ensure that the bike carrier you select must be compatible with the make and model of your vehicle. That way, you can rest assured about the use and installation. Most bike carriers do not even require an additional person for installation. It’s always better to buy bike carriers that come with proper instruction manuals and are compatible with different types of bikes. Apart from durability and safety, you must also focus on practicality while picking a bike carrier.

No need to disassemble the bike

Before bike carriers were a thing, people wanting to carry their bikes on a camping trip would have to disassemble the bike and store it in the car. Upon unloading, they would have to assemble the bike again to ride it. You would surely agree with us on this, that’s not the right way to enjoy your vacation. You may have experienced it if you have ever carried a bike without a carrier. No matter what type of bike carrier you have, it doesn’t require you to disassemble any part of your bike. You can load it as it is and unload it when needed.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of bike carriers, here are the different types of bike carriers available in the market.

Roof Holder

As the name suggests, this bike carrier attaches to the roof of your vehicle. You can easily accommodate the bicycle on top and lock it at various access points. The bike remains stable and safe while driving.

Rear Gate Carrier

Here’s one of the most common types of bike carriers you would see in cars. The rear gate bike carrier attaches to the rear end of the vehicle. It may accommodate even two bicycles at once. Loading and unloading become easy as you don’t need to access the vehicle’s roof with this carrier. Also, these types of bike carriers don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Trailer Ball Carrier

Here’s another best option to carry your bikes. The trailer ball carrier is also present at the car’s rear but attaches from underneath your car instead of the rear. It attaches to the tow ball, emerging up and offering support to your bikes. However, installing this can be on the expensive side.

Final Thoughts

Those were some of the advantages of having a bike carrier attached to your vehicle. Transporting bicycles or any heavy cargo inside the car may hinder your comfort and safety. Any untied luggage may launch into motion as the vehicle accelerates and brakes. So, it’s better to use a bike carrier for the same.

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