The Best Steps To Take Care Of Your Garden Turf

Garden turf is made up of lawn strips that have been cultivated in one location and transported to another location where they will continue to grow. Garden turf can be used to quickly and easily establish a new lawn in an area that previously lacked one or to revitalise an existing lawn. Turf is simple to lay down, but once it is in place, it needs to be taken care of. While you buy turf online, there are numerous factors to concentrate on when taking care of it. More info here.

After purchasing and installing your grass and creating a lovely, lush garden, you must think about how to manage it.


After it has been installed, healthy new turf will grow quickly and require frequent mowing if you want to maintain a short, tidy appearance. As soon as your turf is firmly planted in the ground and cannot be moved by the mower, you should mow it. You should mow it when the grass is about 30mm tall, which will likely be two to five days after it was laid. Depending on the season, your turf will grow at varying rates; therefore, you should mow it as often as necessary to keep it from getting too long. The best items for keeping your grass trimmed are rotary and cylinder mowers with sharp blades.

Drainage and Watering

Your turf should be a vibrant, healthy green when it is delivered. If it gets too much or too little water, it may turn yellow or brown and start to die. You should control the amount of water your turf receives to ensure its success. You must periodically water the roots to make sure of this. In freshly installed turf, the roots will be as deep as the turf is thick, and they will continue to grow as the turf gets assimilated into the soil. Hand watering can be imprecise and time-consuming. The finest product to purchase is a sprinkler because it evenly and precisely waters your yard. It is suggested to water fresh turf every day during the hotter months and only once a week after it has been established for more than six weeks. If you water your lawn before midday, it will have time to absorb the water and start to dry up before dusk.


Before purchasing turf online, your soil should be fertilised with lawn fertiliser because the grass roots in your garden turf will delve deeply into your original soil in search of nutrients. Purchasing a rotary spreader will guarantee that fertiliser covers all of your land, preventing the development of unevenly coloured and healthy patches. To create a neat, uniform appearance for your garden, you might also want to purchase moss and weed killer.


While having an extremely dry grass is unpleasant, having a waterlogged lawn can also be unsightly and unusable. Your lovely pansies will drown if the kids play in the garden without bringing in muddy water. There is a significant chance of an excessively damp lawn in rainy England. Utilizing an under-lawn drainage system, this can be resolved and avoided. Make a strategy for your drainage system’s pipe network.

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