Buy Featherlight Single Point Sling and More

If you are thinking to add any accessory to your weapons then nothing is better than the single-point sling. Because it is the essential part of the gear and place behind the iron sights.

With the help of a single-point sling, you can easily carry your weapon at work. As it carries the weapon across your body or over your shoulder.

A single-point sling makes sure that you can use your hands and carry the weapon at the same time. But the main purpose of the sling is to reduce fatigue.

So that for many hours you can easily carry your weapons. In addition, while climbing the mountains slings helps most. Because they do not let the weapon fall and allow you to climb easily by using both hands.

Therefore in this article, we will tell you about the featherlight single point sling. It is the best single-point sling that you should use with your weapons and have many facilities that you should know.

So let’s start the discussion, shall we?

What is the Featherlight Single Point Sling?

If you are already using any sling then it’s time to upgrade it. You can confidently replace your old sling with the Butler Creek Featherlight sling. No matter whether you are using the shotgun or the rifle.

This sling will suit all your weapons. Because they are adjustable. Also, it is the first type of sling that is made with lightweight foam. This foam is 45% lighter than the other high-quality slings.

Due to the lighter material they provide better breathability. And it comes with cutout slots that reduce the trapped heat and make the shoulder grip better and firm.

The soft material of the foam provides better comfort and better wearability. This means you can carry your weapon all day without getting tired.

Features of Featherlight Single Point Sling:

Here are some features of the Featherlight single-point sling that will make you fall in love with this sling.

  • Lightweight: The weight of a featherlight sling is 45% less than the other slings. Also, this is the first sling that is made with the soft foam
  • Breathable: Unlike other slings, this sling provides better breathability and extra grip to make sure weapons do not slip
  • Comfort: The soft comfortable material on the shoulder allow you to wear the weapon all day without any fatigue
  • Secure: This sling comes with a large thumb loop that protects your shoulder while navigating the rough terrain
  • Quick Access: To provide better and quick access this sling comes with 2 built-in cartridge holders
  • Adjustable: This sling comes with adjustable measurements so that you can easily fit the weapon on the shoulder


  • The featherlight sling provides rapid access to the firearm
  • It is easy to wear on and off this light sling
  • The soft foam material is breathable
  • It hardly restricts movement while using the rifle


  • It does not provide any support in shooting
  • Sometimes you will feel the movement restriction

How to Select the Right Featherlight Single Point Sling – Buying Guide:

Here are some factors that you should consider while buying the right featherlight single-point sling. So have a look

1. Comfort:

The main purpose of the featherlight single-point sling is to provide comfort. But the factor that makes the sling more comfortable is the width.

As the more width of sling divides the weapon weight evenly. So that you do not feel any fatigue while carrying the weapon.

Also, according to the general thumb rule, it is important to have a more width sling.

For extra comfort, the best slings come with a large pad that you can place on the shoulder.

With the help of this large pad, you can wear the gun for more than 6 hours or even a day.

2. Design:

After the comfort, you should consider the design of the featherlight sling. Because with a better design you easily wear on and off the single point sling.

It also helps you to incorporate the sling with the weapon easily. So for better incorporation, the design of the sling should be simple.

In addition, with a better design, you can easily adjust the sling with or without armor for use.

Also, according to your body size before buying the sling so that it fits comfortably.

3. Purpose:

While selecting the best sling, the main question is whether it fulfills all your requirements or not?

If yes then the sling is right for you but if the sling does not fulfill your requirement then you should go for the next options.

So, it is better to examine the sling with your weapon first. Because it will help you to see whether the sling fits with your weapon or not.

4. Adjustability:

The sling you want to buy must be adjustable. So that according to your body size you can easily fit the weapon. And the best part is, most of the featherlight single point slings are adjustable.

Wrapping It All Up!

That’s all folks, hope you get the information that you want to know about the featherlight single-point sling. If you do then buy this best type sling now and remove your fatigue.

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