What are the Best Programming Languages to learn in 2022?

Your cutting-edge coding skills, accompanied by an inclination toward this engineering field, can take you places. But, to evolve as a triumphant warrior in this demanding battleground, you must sharpen your weapons first. Programming languages are one of the main ways that developers can make code interact with one another. There are specific languages that work well for different tasks.

If you are willing to establish yourself as a software engineer or developer, mastering some coding languages is extremely important. Acing the interview will be a smooth cakewalk after obtaining a solid grasp of these languages. The HR manager of a well-reputed and established company will evaluate their final decision based on their abilities and capabilities; hence, there should be absolutely no room for mistakes.

Take a quick look at this article, and you will be able to uncover some of the top programming languages to learn in 2022. Keep reading till the end, and you will be able to nail it during your interview session.  

Programming Language- what does it mean?

Professional software engineers tend to communicate with computers using many programming languages. It helps the machines perform certain specified tasks, thus allowing you to achieve a lucrative career in this area. Let’s get into the main discussion now!

Programming Language- What Are the Types?

Mentioned below are some of the top-notch programming languages that will help you to pave the way for success:


  • Python is one of the most demanding programming languages, famous for its utmost flexibility. 
  • It is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language created almost 30 years ago. 
  • Software engineers have used Python to develop applications such as Pinterest, Instagram, Uber, Disqus, Dropbox, Reddit, Google Search, Spotify, YouTube, and many more. 
  • Besides being the most wanted technology, Python is considered to be a popular backend programming language. 
  • To ace this language, certain skill sets such as abstract thinking and problem-solving are necessary. 
  • This language is specifically used for Data Science, Back End Development, and App Development. 
  • The annual salary projection is $109092


  • JavaScript is applied on the front end of applications and websites; it makes them interactive and dynamic to a great extent. 
  • Learning JavaScript will not trouble you if you are a newbie in this field. Its easy-to-pick-up, intuitive and flexible nature will seamlessly ease the overall learning process. 
  • You can choose to run this programming language in your browser. 
  • The well-organized codebase of JavaScript will enhance readability and productivity to a whole new level. 
  • You will be able to cross miles by developing this specific programming skill; it is highly in demand in this recent era. 
  • You need to possess knowledge about CSS and HTML. 
  • The annual salary projection is $112152


  • First of all, Java and JavaScript are two different programming languages. 
  • Being one of the most powerful programming languages, Java is used in nearly 3 billion devices worldwide. 
  • Software engineers use Java in mobile applications, desktop applications, Artificial Intelligence, web development, cloud applications, etc. 
  • It is an object-oriented programming language that boosts performance, productivity, and security to a new level. 
  • Your problem-solving skills will reduce half of your troubles while learning this programming language. 
  • The annual salary projection is $109225


  • It is an open-source programming language that was created in the year of 1990. 
  • Notable sites such as Yahoo and Facebook are built with the help of PHP. 
  • Professional programmers possessing high-level coding skills are potent enough to develop desktop applications using PHP. 
  • For all the beginning developers out there, PHP is considered to be one of the easy languages among the lot. 
  • It is extremely cost-effective. 
  • PHP is open source. 
  • The annual salary projection is $107409


  • It is a cross-platform programming language exclusively designed to develop and build applications. 
  • Nearly 60% of android developers tend to use this particular programming language. 
  • It comes with a structured concurrency and concise code. 
  • Kotlin has security features as well. 
  • Compared to Java, coding in Kotlin is at least 20% less. 
  • Kotlin is 100% interoperable. 
  • Uber, Amazon, Pinterest, and Trello are some of the well-recognized companies that use Kotlin as their programming language. 
  • The annual salary projection is $136000


  • It is a general-purpose programming language. 
  • You can use C to work efficiently on graphics, games, and enterprise applications. 
  • It comes with in-built operators and functions. 
  • C is famous for its boosted efficiency and speed. 
  • C is highly extendable.
  • Some top-notch companies using C are Telegram, MasterCard, GitHub, and messenger. 
  • Even if several new programming languages are emerging, C is still highly in demand in the competitive market. 
  • The annual projection is $118366


  • C# is a solid programming language for game development, VR, web/desktop, and mobile applications. 
  • It was released in the year 2002 by Microsoft. 
  • C# is undoubtedly one of the most famous coding languages; having this specific skill on your radar will be extremely beneficial. 
  • It is a fast, object-oriented, simple-to-use programming language. 
  • The undateable and scalable nature of C# is quite remarkable. 
  • The annual salary projection is $111760. 


  • Swift is an open-source programming language that is easy to use; beginners in this field can try their hands on Swift. 
  • Unlike several other programming languages, Swift demands fewer coding skills, and that’s it. 
  • Swift is applied in some famous iOS applications such as Mozilla, WordPress, SoundCloud, Firefox, and Flappy Bird. 
  • It comes with a clean syntax. 
  • The annual salary projection is $109652


  • R is a popular programming language used for graphical and statistical programming. 
  • Data miners and statisticians used R for performing data analysis. 
  • This programming language is quite important in some the sectors, such as telecom sectors, data analysis, and financial domains. 
  • Companies like Amazon, LinkedIn, Flipkart, and Google use R as a reliable programming language. 
  • It is ideal for machine learning applications. 
  • The annual salary projection is $90,940. 

Parting thoughts

These are some of the widely used object-oriented programming language in 2022. You can choose to undergo a degree program with Simplilearn and hone your skills under the solid guidance of a trained professional.

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