Best Paint Ideas Room-wise Before Shifting

When it comes to shifting, what are the things that you need to settle in the new place? You must have made a list for this, the top-most priority will be the maintenance and the painting. If you haven’t prepared the property for your arrival, then it is best to postpone moving into the new place for a while. As you become busy bringing the painters together, ensure that you make the right choice in picking the paint. If you go room-wise to pick the paint, things will become easier for you. This way, you will be able to choose the right type of paint for your new house before bringing packers and movers to shift things.

While getting the painting done, you can do two things. One is that you keep a single color for all the rooms. This will be monotonous, but you won’t have a problem selecting a color for this purpose. But if you want a change and vibrancy in the house, then you need to take out time to distribute different colors to different rooms. Now that you have a clear idea of what needs to be done before shifting, lets’ start selecting the paint colors according to the rooms in the house.

Selecting the Paint Room-Wise

  • Living room

We all desire to come back to a room with a cozy and warm feeling. Isn’t it? If you want your living room to have a welcoming vibe, choose from a wide variety of colors. Mix and match the cool colors with some of the extraordinary tones. Want to go with the trend? You can opt for neutral or earthy shades. This calls for French vanilla, emerald green, or even aqua mint. If you are done with experimenting, then why not stay with the classics here. There are beige, gray, and blue that you can try with texture paint to give an outstanding look.

  • Dining room

A family gathers in the dining room, and that calls for an inviting look. With the paints, you can give the place a grand look in no time. Using the warmer tones will help you in that, so, try and get the shades of red or yellow to give this room a cozy and compact feeling. Some of us have a small dining space. To make it look bigger and elaborate, use the colors tones of green, purple, or yellow.

  • Study room

House with kids especially focuses on the study room. This allows their mind to focus on academics and make the best of their time to study. If you have a studious kid at home, you would like to focus on getting the right paint for the study room. But this could be a tough call for you. Simply go with the colors that are known to improve concentration and allow them to focus on their studies. The colors such as gray, silver, green, and such light colors have a calming effect on the minds, enhancing their creative skills.

You can also go for yellow or orange color to keep the kid super alert and stop them from getting easily distracted. This calls for specifics if you don’t want the kids’ minds to wander around.

  • Children’s room

A child’s room is so much different from the ones that adults have. You may want to put several colors together and bring this room to life, but that would be very wrong. One must take out time to get their facts right before immersing themselves in a frenzy. Instead of using your child’s room for experimenting, go with the comforting colors. A small mistake can twist things up for you and force you to re-do the painting. Dark colors with too many pictures are a strict no for the kid’s room. Cooler tones with enthusiastic pictures will be a great way to start.

For this, you can go with pink, blue, or light yellow, which are all-time favorites for the kids. To take it one step further, you can use olive green, sky blue, or butterscotch to decorate the place up. Get the painting done before shifting kid’s stuff there so that, the items don’t have the pungent smell of the paint. Decorations can be done later after settling things down. As kids are hyperactive, they need soft and calming colors to keep them happy and content at times.

  • Bedroom

Some people may not get other rooms painted well, but they go to a great extent to get their bedroom painted lavishly. It is mainly because we find solace in this place and re-energize ourselves completely as we unwind here in our cozy heaven. For this reason, you need to use soft tones to attract positive and soothing vibes. Colors such as gray, pink, blue, green, and lavender would be great options. You will surely like to go with dark colors, but that would be completely wrong.

  • Kitchen

Your kitchen is the powerhouse of your house, so it needs to be full of positive energy. To maintain positive energy in the kitchen you need warmer tones to set things right. Color it orange or go with the tones of green, yellow, or gray. Leaving the place white will also do. This brings prosperity to your house and fills the house with happiness. So, don’t take your kitchen lightly and paint it with warmer tones.


It is a genuine reaction to pack things up and move everything to your new location. If there is maintenance or painting work left at the new location, then it is best to get them done before moving into the new house. It is common sense to get at least the painting done before packers and movers in Delhi, shift your things to the new place. This will help you in reducing the mess around the house and protect your belongings from getting smudged. Strategize with the moving company that is responsible for household shifting in Delhi, and then decide on a plan that sits well with the situation.

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