Best Grenade and Smoke Spots in Dust 2 CS: GO

If you’re looking for the best grenade and smoke spots in Dust 2 CS: GO, you’re in luck. This article will walk you through the most common grenades and smoke spots, and help you decide where to place them on the map. It will also explain why you might want to consider them, and provide you with some helpful tips.

T Site

Dust 2 is one of the most played CS:GO maps. This sand-swept city has been the preferred choice of many professional teams. It is also a favorite of new players. There are several callouts and tips that help players get the most out of the map.

The T Site, the T Spawn, and the B Site are important places to focus your efforts. These locations are the three main areas on the map.

When players enter the B Site, they are confronted with several boxes. If they can break through these defenders, they will be able to access the A Site. At the same time, they will be surrounded by CT players who are defending their Long Doors with an AWP.

As the T-Side approaches the A Site, they should look for a way to bypass the CT Long Corner. One method is to sneak up on a car that is parked on the right side of the A-Long.

Double Doors

There are plenty of tactical smoke/grenade spots on the Dust 2 map. Having these in your arsenal can greatly benefit your team’s chances of victory. We’ll discuss the best ones in this article.

The Long Corner is a familiar spot on the map. This place is known for its ability to block CT’s view of the long door. Using this spot is a great way to fend off the enemy, especially when you’re in a pinch.

Another place on the Dust 2 map that is often used for a smoke grenade is the sky roof tunnel. You can use this to throw smoke grenades from afar.

To use this, you must aim your crosshair at the top of the blue line on the right side of the patch. While you’re throwing the grenade, you should also stand up. As you throw, your smoke grenade should hit the wall, and hopefully end up in the corner.

Car Molly for A site

When it comes to clearing out Bombsite A, players can opt to throw a Molotov or an Incendiary Grenade. Both are effective, and clearing out Bombsite A is a great way to set up for a successful round.

If you’re trying to clear out B site, however, you’ll have to use a different type of grenade. The car molly for A site is a cheeky grenade that can be thrown from the car. You can also combine this with the A long doors pop flash to make it even more deadly.

The molly spot is a location at the CT spawn, and it can be used to block a player from accessing the spawn. This can be useful if you are trying to prevent the enemy team from retaking your B site, or if you want to slow a T push.

Eject a smoke grenade

If you want to win games on Dust 2, you should know the best places to eject a smoke grenade. There are plenty of spots, and if you use them, you can make yourself invisible and blind your opponents. The CSGO Smoke Grenade is a powerful weapon, and it can cover a large area during site entry.

You can use a Smoke Grenade to block an AWP Sniper from the back. In addition to that, you can also use it to block enemy sightslines. To do this, you must stand between two boxes outside the long. Once you are done standing, move your mouse cursor to the left, then press the Jump Throw key.

You should eject a grenade at an imaginary line that is outside the top wire. This is a good spot for blocking your opponent’s view of the Car.

Rotate your grenades

CS:GO players are always searching for new strategies and grenade spots. Dust 2 CS:GO is one of the most popular maps in the game. However, the map has undergone major changes since the first release. Here are some of the best spots to hurl smoke and grenades.

The Long Corner is a vital corner of the map. It offers a large number of lineups. These lineups give players a better chance of getting through the long doors.

Players can also throw a Molly spot to slow down T pushes from the long doors. In addition, the molly spot can cause pop flashes. Using this method is a great way to gain advantage and take down the enemies.

The Central region has a few good smoke spots. The most effective ones are those that are blocked angles. This is because the adversary does not know the exact location of the smoke.


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