Best Employee Monitoring Software in 2022

Employee surveillance isn’t a new tendency in the business world, and the technique of staff monitoring, on the other hand, has evolved. Monitoring the performance of employees has never been more in demand than now, thanks to the significant movement toward remote work brought on by COVID-19.

The HR employee monitoring software available on the market can be a valuable tool for business owners who want to make sure their employees use their time to complete their assigned duties and tasks.

The finest employee monitoring software can reveal how employees spend their time throughout the day and help you enhance staff productivity. Users can track user activity, block content and programs, capture random screenshots and generate insightful reports using the best employee monitoring software while monitoring online browsing and internet usage.

This article has listed some of the best tracking tools in 2022, which help monitor employees’ work hours.

What Is an employee monitoring software?

What Is an Employee Monitoring Application

Employee monitoring software is a digital solution that allows employers to observe, record, and survey their business and online action through an application program.

employee monitoring software has proven to be advantageous for both small and large groups. Monitoring tools can help you organize work in various ways, whether you have a huge team or a small team of employees.

Several employee monitoring software are available in the market, and business owners can get the best-suited app for their organizations. Although not all the apps available are helpful, some of these apps may also cause serious problems. Hence one must need to have complete information about these employee monitoring software.

Is Employee Monitoring Software Important?

Yes, contemporary technology has made it much easier to maintain track of your business. We cannot deny that technological innovations have provided us with several sources of diversion. Employees may begin to use their phones or perform pointless chores on their gadgets.

Therefore, an employee monitoring software is necessary to check onsite and remote staff. Employees primarily involved in internet-based duties should be monitored, especially business owners or managers.

It would be best if you trusted your employees in most circumstances. After all, you are a team, and a lack of trust can damage any personal or professional bonds. What if, on the other hand, your staff are internal threats? We hope you realize how crucial the situation is. For an average person, it’s sometimes acceptable.

Best employee monitoring software in 2022

The market for employee monitoring technology is booming now more than ever. These technologies provide diverse features covering anything from attendance tracking to payroll integration to detecting suspected fraudulent activity by monitoring essential logs.

The majority of these monitoring apps, on the other hand, are stand-alone solutions that can be integrated with third-party programs like accounting software, online storage services, collaborative software tools, etc., among others.

Some of the best employee monitoring software in 2022 are mentioned below:
  1. Workpuls:


Workpuls is an employee activity tracking application that gives you an accurate picture of your employees during the day. It helps supervisors keep their employees on track with their work routine.

It keeps track of each team member’s computer activity and captures frequent screenshots to show what they’re up to at any given time. Workpuls – Users may also track how much time they spend on each activity and project and compare their progress to their budget.

Workpuls – It can also perform automatic time mapping, obviating the necessity for human time tracking and automatically assigning work without the need for additional input. It also has reporting tools built-in to keep management up to date on work.

  1. Time Doctor:

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an employee monitoring software that allows you to track your employees working hours in great detail. It helps you build a more limpid bond with your clients by enabling them to see screenshots and reports from tasks relevant to their projects.

Using this application, you can receive a complete view of your employee’s productive and less productive hours. As a result of these solutions, you can observe which apps and websites your employees are using and whether they are using chat apps or who they are conversing with.

You may also use the notification reminder feature to remind your employees about the task they’re working on if they spend too much time on websites or apps that aren’t related to their jobs. Automatically, employee screenshots are taken at predetermined intervals.

  1. Kickidler:


The Kickidler productivity monitoring app lets you keep an eye on your worker’s desktop activities. You can also grant department heads, supervisors, team leaders, etc., remote access to their employees and team to ensure they are focused on completing their jobs and engaging in activities that could jeopardize their security.

Using Kickidler’s live monitoring tool, you will have access to your employee’s computers, watch what they are doing, and record what is on their screen as it occurs.

Kickidler has a keylogger function that you can use to track what your employees type. It also allows you to create filtered websites, apps, and files and set violation triggers. Hence it will enable you to monitor your employee’s history of violations committed and the time spent on each offense.

  1. Deputy:


Deputy is an employee management app that assists team members in keeping track of their schedules. The software allows you to manage daily duties and administrative tasks more efficiently, allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

It’s no surprise, then, that this app is helpful in various organizations, including nonprofit organizations, schools, government agencies, and retail stores. The system multi-department automatic scheduling and workload classification help to streamline team management.

Using the auto-scheduling feature, you can generate new features for each department. The parties involved are then notified by SMS, emails, etc.

Additionally, Deputy assists you in staying on top of things by allowing you to create tasks and allocate them to the most appropriate team members, including yourself.

Users can track their workload and work even while not working with mobile software for Android and iOS.

  1. InterGuard:


InterGuard is an employee monitoring software that allows you to completely control every aspect of your employee’s computer activities. It may serve as a surveillance camera on all your company’s devices.

This ensures total compliance, and you’ll be quickly notified if there’s any delinquency and unfitting behavior occurring during work hours. The app keeps track of all website and application usage, then all logs are processed and indexed for alarms, audit trails, and other purposes.

InterGuard app remote control capabilities are another noteworthy feature. Remote file deletion is one example, which is ideal if an enterprise unit is taken. The files can be removed and copied, and accessed if necessary.

  1. Pivotal Tracker:

Pivotal Tracker is unique among the many software engineering project management systems. As complicated as it may sound, the story-based Tracker in this application provides a simple visual guide for team members to follow the project’s progress, know their specific tasks, and then the time allotted for each job. The Tracker adjusts to the team’s pace as the project continues, and the story flows down the workflow and changes the timeline and direction depending on conditions.

Pivotal Tracker connects to popular apps like GitHub, Slack, Zapier, and many more. The cost is determined by the number of contributions in a team, the number of projects, etc. For public projects, academics, and sections of up to three persons with a maximum of two projects and 2GB of storage, Pivotal Tracker is free.

  1. RescueTime:


RescueTime is a productive program that blocks distractions or websites that don’t apply to your work, allowing you and your team to focus on more critical tasks.

This time management app is designed to keep track of individual or group activities.

You can use pop-up notifications to remind everyone in your team of their priorities and divert their attention back to the duties at hand, especially if they spend too much time on a particular program or website.

You can also obtain a detailed snapshot of your team’s daily activity and weekly reports, allowing you to track their productivity and spot areas for growth. RescueTime connects to popular apps like Zapier, Google Calendar, Slack, etc.

  1. Hubstaff:


Companies with employees who travel or work in remote areas can use Hubstaff. Employers can quickly check their employees’ location and internet activity and the total time they spend on applications using this app, even if they are on their mobile device and offline.

Work hours are precisely logged and automatically consigned to interspersed payroll software when both employers and employees use Hubstaff’s time tracking app. Employees receive their paychecks on time.

Hubstaff interfaces with Salesforce, Humanity, Zendesk, and Freshdesk. Other connectors include apps like Asana, GitHub, Jira, etc.

  1. ActivTrak:


ActivTrak is an employee monitoring software that also provides employee behavior analytics. It works in covertness mode depending on the outline you set before installing it on your employee’s computer.

You’ll receive a more realistic picture of how your employees spend their working hours if they have no idea they’re being watched. ActivTrak also includes methods for enforcing adherence to company rules and regulations. This app also allows you to keep your organization’s system safe and secure from malicious threats.

You can use the ActivTrak app on the web or your computer running Windows, Linux, Mac OS. A mobile app for the software is available for android and iOS smartphones.

  1. Berqun:


Berqun is an employee monitoring software and time tracking app that monitors employee activity and generates detailed daily, weekly, monthly reports on each employee’s metrics, including productivity and efficiency scores.

This app monitors employees’ desktop behavior in a transparent or stealth mode. Various parameters, such as view access, productivity scores, etc. It can also be customized. Berqun integrates effortlessly with Slack and windows, but extensions for the cloud version allow you to tailor your interaction further.

How Can You Use MobileSpy App To Monitor Your Employees


As an employer, you always need to keep an eye on your employee’s activities. You can use the apps mentioned above to track your employees’ activities, but we recommend you use the MobileSpy App.

MobileSpy is a fantastic tracking and monitoring application that allows you to track your employees’ entire activities. This app comes with a unique and vast range of features like location tracking, social media monitoring, phone activity tracking, multi-media tracking, and many more.

Using this application, you can also monitor your employees’ android and iOS devices. It also provides a data backup feature. You can inspect and find out your organizations’ secrets and internal threats using Mobile Spy. It also assists you in monitoring the activities of your kids and loved ones to ensure their safety.

To keep track of your employees activities, you need to install this app and follow some steps, and then you can easily monitor your employee’s activities.

  1. Install the app and sign up for a free account.
  2. Now choose a subscription of your convenience.
  3. After buying the subscription, you’ll need to choose a target device, i.e., Android or iOS.
  4. If your targeted device is Android, you need to install the app and wait until the synchronization is completed; after the Mobile Spy server syncs with the targeted device, you can track the activity.
  5. In the case of an iOS device, you need to provide iCloud credentials.

Following the above steps, you can monitor your employee’s activities on Android and iOS devices.

Potential gains and drawbacks of Employee Monitoring

For most of us, the chance of someone monitoring our PC use is perplexing, most ideal situation. We regard our security, and that contacts our PCs and contraptions. Regardless, our supposition for security in the workplace should essentially be novel corresponding to in our own lives. Whether or not we work on our administrator’s premises or from a good ways, usually neither the equipment we use nor the data that crosses our workspaces have a spot with us. As needs be, various organizations will have significant and, shockingly, principal inspirations to screen how we use these assets throughout the span of our day.

One clarification is to check convenience. Bosses don’t have a comparative detectable quality into how a conveyed workforce contributes its energy as they do when employees all report to a central region. The comparable is substantial when the workforce is very huge and turnover is high, in like manner with call centers, for example. Following proficiency has become impressively more testing since the pandemic in light of the fact that various remote workers should now rearrange their regular situations with around six other individual endeavors, for example, opposing children or getting ready family suppers. Working from home difficulties the earlier design for proficiency following, and that suggests monitoring instruments need to turn, too. What’s seriously using monitoring gadgets to log how lengthy employees spend on unequivocal tasks can give chiefs information into how individual experts are performing, yet furthermore the way that well current business processes are meeting association goals.

At times, this sort of activity monitoring can in like manner reveal terrible lead. Traditional security endeavors, similar to firewalls, work really of safeguarding against electronic attacks. Taking everything into account, they’re less effective against insider risks, where an employee approaches structures yet includes that entry in habits that misuse association methodology. In such cases, a bare essential development log can become huge lawful evidence for disciplinary action or (in the most negative situations) a case.

Veritable cases of employee appalling conduct consistently incorporate abusing of sensitive information. This could mean exclusive benefits, but it could in like manner mean express classes of data that are protected under informal regulations, as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or the EU’s GDPR. Employee monitoring structures can help with giving the information expected to a consistence audit. More refined structures could indeed analyze employees’ dynamic records, messages, and talks and pennant or square messages that seem to manhandle technique before they’re sent. Such measures can be critical for thwarting veritable data breaks.

In any case, it’s moreover basic to consider the disadvantages of employee monitoring. Supervisors should consider circumspectly the total and level of monitoring they need to convey. As referred to previously, various employees could feel abnormal with the possibility that they’re being watched. A climate of depression in the workplace can add to low soul, which could provoke staff debilitating.

It’s furthermore basic to observe that handiness monitoring tries can to a great extent explode, yielding the opposite effect of what was arranged. Employees who realize that they’re being assessed against effectiveness offers could encourage an instance of endeavoring to game the system by focusing on the applications and destinations they accept they’re depended upon to, rather than on practices that enjoy material benefit for the association. Also, bosses who are endowed with surveying loads of employee monitoring data could contribute a ridiculous proportion of energy doing accordingly, regardless, when the reports show very few problem areas.

Organizations should give extraordinary idea to the moral and expected legitimate repercussions of employee monitoring. A couple of the things we attempted grant you to present monitoring limits on employees’ machines without their knowledge and in habits that avoid disclosure, but that doesn’t mean you should. This kind of mystery perception isn’t simply the most meddling sort of monitoring, yet it could moreover run you afoul of guidelines in various districts. Countries, states and locales, and, surprisingly, metropolitan regions will all have their own contemplations on this, so continue mindfully.

Final Words

Applications that monitor employee activity are helpful for business owners who want to make sure their employees are using their time at work to complete the tasks they’ve been assigned.

The use of employee monitoring software has proven advantageous for both large and small groups. No matter how many employees you have, monitoring tools can help you organize work in various ways.

We have listed the best employee tracking apps in 2022 to help small and large organizations keep track and monitor their employees’ activities.

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