Analyzing Your Marketing Plan? 5 Ways To Be On Top Of It

Digital marketing keeps changing its game and for anyone who has an online business, it’s crucial to stay on top of the game at all times. From organic Google searches to optimising your SEO strategies, a lot of sweat goes into making your e-commerce platform successful.

Did you know that the average American consumer spends about $1800 per year on e-commerce? If you are looking for some great marketing tips, here are some for you!

1. Invest in online events

The first good marketing strategy on your list should be to invest in online events like workshops, functions, seminars, and product launches. This is a great way to let others know about your brand and the products you sell. You can even cleverly market potential launches and attract consumers with them.

More and more brands are now taking part in online events and are gathering important data, such as the audience who are attending these events.

You can later use this data to build consumer profiles and contact them directly. This not only removes the need to contact third-party services but also builds a stronger relationship with clients.

2. Explore video marketing

Nowadays, consumers are much more interested in visuals and gather information from videos way more than from written posts or blogs. You should, therefore, take advantage of this and indulge in video marketing.

Make some unique and creative videos about your products or launches and post them on social media sites. The length and perspective of the videos will also differ depending on the site you post on.

For example, on Instagram, you can post short reels for upcoming launches and longer IGTV videos where people tell about their experiences using your products. Videos are a great way to show people what’s going on in your company and keep them updated.

3. Build a strong brand image

Your brand image is everything. If you wish to make a strong one, you have to choose the right way to use words and captions that will resonate with the audience. Focus more and more on communicating with your customers as that will help to earn more clients.

Word of mouth form of advertising is also a great way to get more customers and this can only be done if your brand image is strong. Digital marketing is a good strategy but it is also expensive.

For example, the price of Google Ads keeps increasing every year. In order to make sure your company stays strong, you have to rely on your image. Try to look for ways to organically raise your brand awareness and invest in these strategies wisely.

4. Turn content creators into ambassadors

If you manage to connect with just one or two famous content creators and make them your brand ambassadors, your sales will shoot up drastically.

This is because the general audience loves following these content creators and when the creators or bloggers themselves promote your products, your customers have renewed faith in you. Ask the ambassadors to promote your products through videos, podcasts, or live sessions.

Send them PR packages and perks, such as discounts and buy-one-get-one coupons. If you have a store launch, you can ask them to be your special guest too. Brands that acknowledge influencers will lead the e-commerce platforms in the future.

5. Keep an eye on your competitors

While it is great to work on your own brand and improve yourself, you must also remember to check what your competitor brands are doing.

This is an especially important tip if your business isn’t doing that well in the market. Observe the strategies used by your competitors to generate more customers and try to implement them.

Go through their websites and take website screenshots to keep a record of their products, product prices, and offers. You need to make sure your products and prices are equally good, if not better, and that your customers visit your site before they move to your competitors.

Over to you…

Using proper marketing trends and plans, you can stay ahead of the e-commerce game all the time. Don’t focus solely on hard-selling tactics.

Instead, try to connect with your audience on a deeper level and tell them stories about your brand and yourself. You can even use smart AI-powered tools to have a better idea of the online industry and to ensure your consumers have a smooth buying experience.




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