Amazing Tips and Tricks for Vape Pens

Doing tricks when using your vape pen is essential in ensuring you fully enjoy your experience with these devices. For example, people have been blowing O’s when smoking for centuries now, which is long before the innovation of vape pens.  Originally, these O’s were called smoke rings and they were performed with cigars, pipes, cigarettes, and joints.

The vapor produced from vape pens tends to be thicker than smoke from joints and cigarettes. Consequently, the nature of this vapor makes it more ideal to perform tricks. Below are some amazing tips and tricks for vape pens’ usage.

How to blow O’s from your vape pen.

Forming O’s is the basis for other advanced tips and tricks for vape pens described below. To do it you should first take a hit on your vape pen and inhale it into your throat. The next step is to keep the tongue at the bottom of your mouth (towards the back of the mouth) and shape your lips to create an O.

Finally, you should push a little amount of the vapor using the throat like a subtle cough. Additionally, you can tuck in your lips to create some fat doughnuts.

How to create double/ triple O’s from your vape pen.

To create double or even triple O’s simply place a finger over the mouth while slightly pressing and pressing down on the top lip. This action should split the mouth into two sections and you can get two O’s using the same technique of getting a single O. Triple O’s are formed when you use two fingers to split the exhale. However, you may need to open the mouth wider to get the best results.

Simple amazing tips and tricks for vape pens for beginners.

1. Creating a ghost inhale.

Also known as the mushroom cloud or snap inhale, ghost inhales are one of the simple tricks for vape pens that beginners should try out. This trick involves releasing a vapor ball and splitting it. It looks very impressive and is very easy to create.

To create a ghost inhale, you take a long vapor drag from the vape pen’s mouthpiece and let it stay in your mouth for a few seconds. You can then push out all the vapor in your mouth in a ball shape and quickly back it back in.

2. Creating a dragon.

Creating a dragon makes you look like a person blowing clouds from four holes in the face. It looks very impressive for vape pens enthusiasts. It looks very impressive for vape pens enthusiasts and many of them use vape cases too.

Forming a dragon is very simple. You first take a long drag without inhaling. Once the mouth is filled with thick vapor, you exhale forcefully thoroughly through the nose while also exhaling via either side of your mouth. Ensure the center part of your mouth is closed.

3. Making bubbles.

If you ever enjoyed blowing bubbles as a kid you will fall in love with this trick. First of all, you should mix a bowl of bubble solution using normal hand soap and water. The second step is to cut the bottom of a small plastic bottle and dip the end of the bottle into the solution. Finally, you should exhale the vapor from a CBD vape pen through the nozzle.

Cool and amazing tips and tricks for vape pens for advanced users.

1. Making a tornado.

Making a tornado using the vapor from a vapor pen is a very enjoyable experience. To do it you carefully and gradually exhale the vapor onto a flat surface. You should ensure the vapor is as thick as possible. Secondly, you should use your hand to chop off the surface or snap your wrist while lifting the arm. All this should be done in a single rapid movement and it will transform the vapor into a tight spiral twist.

2. Creating bull rings.

This trick requires a bit more precision when trying. The first step is to blow a moderate-sized O, then lean in. Subsequently, you should inhale the top section of the O, which will create a bull ring of the vape pen’s clouds via the nose.

3. Making triangles.

Once you become perfect at making O rings from the vape pen’s clouds, you can try new shapes, including triangles. To create a triangle all you need is to be perfect at timing. You first blow a thick and milky O ring and pat down two sides of the O ring in quick succession.


The above tips and tricks will spice up your experience of using vape pens. Try them and your buddies may think you are a magician.

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