Advice On How To Dress Cool This Summer

Dressing cool for the summer is vital to avoid issues like excess sweating and feeling uncomfortable in the summer heat. Unfortunately, not all summer outfits are best suited for the summer, and this is where fashion and comfort clash. Thankfully, there are plenty of fashionable ways around this common issue! Here, we offer advice on how to dress cool this summer without sacrificing your love for fashion! Let’s get started.

Wear Comfortable Fabrics

The best fabrics to wear during the summer allow your skin to breathe. Aim for cotton, linen, and cool-max nylon fabrics to stay sweat-free during the heat. Avoid graphic hoodies like the plague! Look for workout wear options like sweat-resistant t-shirts made from nylon blends and wear leak proof underwear. You can still come up with fashionable outfits and sport your favorite kicks with shorts and tees. The more you focus on creating a summer wardrobe based on activewear, the easier it will be to stay dry and comfortable during the summer heat.

Wear Open-Toed Shoes

Prioritize your footwear this summer by focusing on breathable shoes that keep your feet exposed. You capture and lose the most heat in your extremities, so leaving your feet exposed to the air as much as possible will help you feel comfortable all summer long. Look for open-toed sandals and flip-flops for the best options.

Make sure that the shoes you choose are high-quality. Just like your trendy eyeglasses, you’ll likely wear the same pair all summer long, so you’ll want them to last for a while!


Show Some Skin

Wear clothes that show a little skin so that you can stay cool when it’s hot outside. For guys, this might mean wearing shorts a little shorter than you usually go for and opting for flip-flops instead of sneakers. For girls, this might mean wearing a low-cut tank top or halter top instead of a standard summer t-shirt.

Give your skin room to breathe so you can stay comfortable during the heat. Pro tip: Keep your hair off your face by wearing your hair in braids or hair clips. You’ll give your neck more room to breathe, keeping you cooler overall.

Avoid Denim Shorts

You’re probably thinking, shorts are shorts, what’s wrong with jean shorts? There’s nothing wrong with them, but if you think about it, denim is a heavier fabric than cotton. If you want to stay cool this summer, put your denim shorts aside for spring, and wear cotton shorts and other sports fabric shorts instead. The goal is to stay cool and look cool! Activewear is the best of both worlds.

Wear Cooling Jewelry

You can keep cool by wearing stone jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. The slight coolness from the stones will help you stay cool in the heat. Jade and moonstone are excellent choices for summer fashion, and they tend to run in colder tones like blues and ocean greens. Create your own jewelry or find an artisan jewelry maker with these stones to create unique custom creations to wear with your outfits.

Don’t Wear Layers

It can be tempting to wear layers to create fashionable looks, but you should aim to avoid this during the summer. If you need to wear a camisole underneath your tee-shirt, ensure that both of your shirts are lightweight to avoid overheating. The goal is to dress lightly to stay as cool as possible.

The Bottom Line

To dress cool this summer, wear lightweight fabrics, avoid layers, and most of all, allow your skin to breathe! Consider the above suggestions as you work to create a fashionable and cooling summer wardrobe!

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