What Are Add Ons for Wholesale Hair Extension Boxes: A Guide


In this world, manufacturers are looking for ways to create feasible wholesale hair extension boxes. One with packaging outlooks to make jaws drop, and something that keeps the spirits of their customers coming.

But they don’t want something fancy, or even anything heavy on their pocket. This problem has a packaging solution going namely by the name ‘Add Ons’. It’s finally time to elevate your custom packaging boxes for hair extensions with additional components with various artwork available.

From the latest technologies to good old embossing vs debossing for extension boxes. You can complete your unboxing collection of hair extensions to get better reviews with Add Ons On your custom packaging.

Here is a guide to choosing the best custom Add Ons for wholesale hair extension boxes.

Definition Of Add Ons on Wholesale Hair Extension Boxes

Let’s start with defining Add Ons and their role.

“Additional components are the next step after choosing material and style of hair extension packaging. These are the external designing factors that help make your brand unique. Plus creating a connection with cool effects and embodiments.”

There are various types of packaging Add Ons for hair extension boxes. Below is why you absolutely need to up your packaging game with Add Ons on custom hair extension packaging boxes.

Role Add Ons Play in Hair Extension Packaging Industry

Custom packaging is a ravishing experience. And with Add Ons, you’re basically multiplying the amount of repetitive customers you’ll gain. Furthermore, in the growing competition, you need a way to stand out, and add ons of high quality let you do that.

These aesthetically approving features will help you gain brand value. Increasing your chances of selling more with wholesale hair extension boxes. As said by packaging experts, with custom hair packaging boxes, the sky’s the limit with customizing options.

List Of Innovative Add Ons You Can Style With

The various effects custom hair extension packaging offer, help endear a customer and keep them coming back. Product packaging can give you that initial boost your business. And here is a list of the best custom additional embellishments on shipping hair extension packaging.

Custom Window Cut Out

Window hair extension boxes are the trend! They have always been. Which is why this Add-on requires much consideration when stepping into the hair extension box market. The window cut can let consumers peek inside your packaging and it’s the best feeling to a consumer! This makes them eventually love your brand, and you can earn more with it.

Gold/Silver Foiling

You can also have silver or gold failing done on any type of hair extension box. This helps you shine in the crowd with individual features that only a few have. And you’ll be able to get the attention off of your rivals!


One of the most potential options for any cosmetic packaging manufacturer. The process of embossing is a common one. Especially when GCB allows free embossing to gravitate cosmetics towards your packaging. This type of procedure adds a new dimension to the surface of a hair product box. With this additional component, you can have either lettering, Logos, or even patterns to give that WOW effect to consumers.

Raised Ink

As you can determine from the name, raised ink creates a raised engraving on the custom hair extension boxes. This type of printing is a set out add on that you can choose to beautify your boxes further. If you have any slogan to catch the eye upon, use raided ink to engrave your message on the wholesale hair extension boxes.

PVC Sheet:

A strong yet relatively lightweight connector to protect your hair extensions from bad weather, chemicals or temperatures when they are exposed from. This additional component is a tough material used by many of the manufacturers that choose to go with light weight hair extension boxes.

On What Hair Product Packaging Can You Put Add Ons On?

You can identify and doll your wholesale hair extension boxes with different packaging Add Ons, depending on the material. For packaging material, every option differs. For boxes that are made of Mailer box type, yours might not need protective packaging Add Ons.

But if your hair extensions need protection with their lightweight wholesale extension packaging, you can have inner inserts added to pack them safely. In short, each and every type of box by style for hair extension boxes, or packaging material for wholesale extension boxes can have additional components added to their packaging.

How To Put Additional Embellishments On Your Packaging

You can very well choose to create your custom hair extension boxes with simple features. But here at GetCosmeticBoxes, you only have luxurious Wholesale features to choose from. Each Add on and embellishment you choose to have on your hair extension packaging wholesale is one that offers you credibility. As well as an aesthetic look to be proud over.

If you want to know the process of creating artistic Hair extension boxes with Add Ons, visit our site and place your order of cosmetic boxes.

It’s no big deal creating custom packaging for your hair extension boxes. We have a team that not only helps you in the process, the creative minds also delve into the competition to give you the best insider packaging designs!


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