9 Useful Tips to Help You with Your Packing and Moving

Shifting a house or office can be very exhausting and time-consuming. One has to make sure to pack each of one’s belongings to get it moved to another place safely. Not only does moving require heavy vehicles and trucks to get the job done, but packing and unpacking items is one hell of a job. Anyone who has packed before knows what amount of vigilance and expertise it requires to pack household objects. Not only will expert packing prevent any potential damage to your valuables but also ensure easy moving.

Packing and Moving services have made it easy for us to get our items delivered to our new house. In fact, the same services can be hired to shift office or commercial sites. Shifting to a new commercial facility involves moving heavy machinery and furniture. This requires not only vehicles but also people who can lift and carry these objects easily, without inflicting any harm to them or your property. Expert services will help in safe moving of your official documents and papers.

Let us dive deep into some hacks to make this easy for you.

  1. Make a List:

The first thing to do before packing your items is to write down everything you want to move with yourself to the new house. This will help you not forget any of your items and get rid of the ones you think are old and no more in use. The latter will help decrease your load, also save your time and money from being spent on useless items, as the heavier your goods are, the more you will be charged.

2. Look Out For Quality Service Providers:

Search the best and Affordable Local Moving services in town. You don’t want to be charged extra for urgent services. Therefore, make your research about moving companies and hire those who win your heart, before the final day. Here is a list of tips to help you hire quality services.

See if they are:

  • Experienced
  • Insured
  • Certified
  • Well-known
  • Well-reviewed

Ask about their:

  • Charges and rates
  • Timings and schedule
  • Quality of service from people you know

3. Prepare for Packing:

After picking the best service provider, decide whether you would want professionals to do the packing and unpacking for you or not. Professional packing will help you save your time and efforts. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about all the hassle involved in packing items.

But, if you want to save your money and do the packing by yourself, then go to a store and buy all the stuff required, like boxes, box cutters, adhesive tapes, sealers, plastic wraps, bubble wraps, etc.

4. Start Packing:

Start packing your items a month or two prior to moving. You don’t want to panic pack in a day or two, during which you might also forget your useful items. To prevent any inconvenience, pack every day till the day you move. So, you have plenty of time to rest and plan. In addition, pack every room’s items separately. For instance, pack kitchen utensils in a different box and bedroom items in a different one. Moreover, label every box to make unpacking easy and convenient.

5. Pack like a Pro:

Don’t ever over-fill a packing box. Otherwise, you will end up tearing it apart and damaging the items inside. Besides, heavy boxes are riskier to carry. Furthermore, ornaments and fragile stuff should be packed vigilantly with papers or soft cloths inside to resist any external pressure and prevent scratches.

6. Wrap the Packing Boxes:

Seal your boxes with adhesives and then plastic wraps so tight that they are easy to be carried to the moving truck and prevent boxes from tearing apart.

7. Rent a Vehicle:

Availing moving services is though very convenient, but some might think of doing it on their own. If you are a die-hard of DIYs then you might need to rent a moving truck. For moving you would also need to rent/purchase tools like dollies, carts, truck loading ramps, floor sliders, moving straps. These tools will help in easy lifting and carrying of heavy furniture and appliances.

Weight-lifting can cause disc-slips and other back-related problems. Therefore, before you take a hold of any heavy object make sure you don’t hurt your back and take necessary precautions.

8. Pack Chemicals Safely:

Cleaning agents, fire extinguishers, paints, etc. should be kept away from other items. Some of these are potential problem-causing very dangerous for health and safety, and some might leak staining your useful items. Take extra care when moving such hazardous items.

9. Shifting Office & Moving Documents:

If you are shifting offices, you have to think about moving your important documents safely, so they are neither damaged nor lost. A simple hack is to keep your files and items in different labeled boxes, so you know where each of your possessions are. Move your documents under your supervision, to prevent any inconvenience. Pen down which box contains what items, this will make unpacking easy.

Moving can be a memorable experience, if done right. But you might want to hire an affordable local moving service to make the venture easier, if moving to another state.

Here are some benefits of hiring packing and moving services:

  • Hiring professionals is less-time consuming.
  • Services are cost-effective and the money charged is worth the service quality.
  • Will do the legal documentation required for inter-state moving by themselves.
  • You can trace your products throughout.
  • Reputable companies will deliver your items on time.

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