8 Facts to Discover About Skope Refrigeration In Australia

It is worthwhile to invest in a premium-quality freezer. You shouldn’t hesitate to spend a bit more initially as you’ll save a lot in the long run. When it comes to refrigeration equipment, you can blindly trust the quality and performance of the Skope freezer in Australia. Investing in their freezer models will bring these benefits to you: 

  • Lower operating costs
  • Australian food safety standards compliance
  • Reduced food waste 
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Increased energy savings
  • Safe storage of food and beverages

In this article, you’ll learn all about Skope, the best-in-class brand for high-quality refrigeration needs. In its 50-years of service in the Australian hospitality industry, Skope has earned an excellent reputation. Here are a few facts about Skope and its equipment before purchasing from them. 


The best part about Skope is that it spends a lot of money on research and development. It has a special team of engineers assigned to design and test every refrigeration unit in its in-house testing environment. Whenever you buy a freezer from Skope, it will come as a pre-approved and tested unit. 

Reliability & Overall Performance 

Skope freezers have a long-lasting design to ensure an extended product shelf life. Every unit from Skope is designed to cope with the harsh climatic condition of Australia. They provide optimal reliability, especially when you need them the most. 

Food & Beverage Safety Compliance 

Skope prioritises safety before anything. Food storage violations are subject to penalties and adversely impact brand reputation, and Skope knows it. That’s why every Skope unit meets the standards set by the Australian food and safety regulatory bodies

Energy Efficient 

Every Skope freezer unit has to go through precise, rigorous testing before finishing the compulsory MEPS test. Here, MEPS stands for Minimum Energy Performance Standards. Almost every Skope unit meets the test requirements and is termed a “high efficiency” freezer. 


Although Skope focuses on uplifting the standards in terms of design and performance, they also want to cause minimal or no environmental impact. Unlike other brands in the Australian market, Skope’s new ActiveCore range is three times better and more efficient. 


The aesthetic appeal becomes crucial, especially for your major house units like a freezer. Remember that your patrons will appreciate your place by the style, feel, and look of the refrigeration equipment you’ve chosen. 

Skope freezers come with best-in-class designs that look aesthetically appealing and feel user-friendly. From the on-site diagnostic capability to the easy-to-understand digital temperature display, every design feature by Skope is impressive.

Premium-Quality Materials  

The Skope freezer is made with premium-quality materials. If you glance at the outer shell of their cabinets, you’ll find it to be made of steel, which is 20% denser than any typical grade steel. For a more durable finish, Skope uses industrial-grade powder coating. 

Also, they use top-quality LED lights for the ultimate display. 

Local-Made Products

Almost every Skope refrigeration equipment is proudly manufactured in Australia. However, some Skope designs are made in China too. With a strong collaboration with Haier for nearly 15 years, Skope ensures the best quality control and manufacturing process. 

Also, Skope sources its raw materials from industry-leading manufacturers like MISA cool rooms, etc. 

With this comprehensive guide, you must’ve gained a precise overview of Skope refrigeration. This Australian brand has become the go-to destination for Aussies needing premium-quality, budget-friendly freezers and other refrigeration unit models. If you, too, need a top-class freezer, go with Skope. 


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