7 Games That Take The Stress Off Your Shoulders And Give You Hours Of Fun

Have you ever practiced mindful digital distraction? Like begged your smartphone to do you away into another dimension? Anyone who has Spectrum TV, I am sure they have done that one too many times. When the daily grind takes over you, all you have to do is tune into your favorite channel perhaps Comedy Central, and forget where you are!

Life can give you unwanted lemons. When that happens, we all need a realistic prescription that helps us relax and deal with the situation like a macho. Fortunate for us, this prescription is available in the form of stress releasing games.

Let’s see what these games are and how can they help release stress:

1: Meditation

Meditation comes with a world of stress releasing benefit. This technique was invented by the Buddhist Tibet, which has successfully transitioned into the 21st century thanks to the tremendous benefits.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of meditation, download OMG I Can Meditate. It’s perfect for beginners. The guided sessions featured in the app allow you to breathe. You can continue using it on public transit as well. For slightly advanced mediation, download Meditation Studio by Gaiam. It’s available for IOS only. The app comes with a collection of 150+ meditation arranged in categories such as be kind, be aware, and be healthy.

When you don’t want to listen to mediation but practice it, Pause can come in handy. The app encourages you to use your fingertip to drag an inky blob slowly across the screen. The blob also accompanies the music, which stops when you stop moving the blob.

2: Yoga at Work

Stress at the workplace is unavoidable. How do you keep your head from exploding on the job? Download Salute the Desk. It teaches simple yoga moves that you can perform in the comfort of your seat.  These meditation moves will help improve your posture, target back and shoulders and even stretch your whole body.

3: Quick Workout

Hands down, physical activity is one of the best ways of beating stress. Let’s say it’s lunchtime. Use this time for physical activity. Use the Totally Tabata app, which is a spoken form of four-minute interval training.

This free app can help you infuse quick workouts between meetings, coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and before sitting on the dinner date. Watch how easily your stress disappears.

4: Self-Soothing Music

It’s a great way to tune out the stressors of the day by tuning in to the radio station. If you take the subway to reach your office, download streaming apps such as Spotify and Pandora to discover new music based on your interest. Apart from songs, you can also find soothing music to reduce stress.

You can also down Spinrilla, a hip-hop mixtape, or 8 tracks (Internet radio station app) and search music based on your mood.

5: Digital Journaling

Call digital journaling a trade-off between emotions for insight. To continue journaling and recollect your thoughts, download Day one. It’s a quick app that has made journaling easy. The app also lets you integrate geotags, photos, weather conditions, and some other features.

Doodling is also a nice way to release stress. Download “Doodle” and draw your way out to release stress. It also aids in developing mortar skills, improve your memory and boost imagination.

6: Laughter

No doubt laughter is the best medicine and a great stress reliever. It releases endorphins and takes your mind off of stress. Sure you can watch funny vines or check your social media feed for memes but sometimes, they are not enough to alleviate the mood.

In times like these, you need an app that can turn your mood around. MSQRB is an app you need. Even your funniest buddy can’t get the job done which this app can. This app has filters similar to Snapchat. The funny filters will release a wave of endorphins inside of you.

7: Get Away From Your Phone

Ironically, we carry with us one of the biggest stressors in the form of “smartphone” too much screen time, excessive use of social media – all these activities can boost stress. If you are having a hard time unplugging your phone, use Offtime. This app lets you perform digital detox. It does so by tracking your mobile habits, block certain apps, contacts, and any other stressors in your phone. It will also help you set productivity goals.

Another similar app is Flipd. It locks you out of your phone for a preset time. This app is perfect for those who have a hard time keeping away from their phone.


Thanks to technology, so many apps are available to reduce as well as manage stress. Another thing to be grateful for is Charter customer service, which has removed the stress of calling customer support and having your query addressed.

Download these apps on your phone to take charge of your mental health!


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