7 Cannabis Strain Can Produce Massive Yields

If you want to grow many excellent, high yielding plants, you’ll want to consider some of the latest and greatest cannabis strains.

There are some spectacular results from experimenting with different varieties of medical cannabis Toronto. Some are even better than some of the best conventional “green” types of crops.

These are just two of the most prolific of all cannabis strains that have been tested and proven over the years. There is no doubt that they can all be successful in growing even more cannabis crops, but they differ in their characteristics.

Any one of them could still be the best choice for the types of cannabis lovers out there, depending on their personal preferences and tastes.

No matter what kind of bud you are looking for, there will likely be a strain that can grow it for you. All you need to do is find the one that is best suited to your personal preference.

We made a list of Cannabis strains that produces massive yields and are given below:

1.   Sativa

Sativa is the strongest of the bunch. It is known for producing super-hormonal levels in the plant as well as inducing rapid flowering.

It is also a prolific grower, which is one of its best traits. It can produce hefty harvests as well as minimal amounts of buds.

Sativa is one of the most common and popular preferences among users of cannabis.

It is incredibly hardy and can be grown in almost any type of location.

Some varieties, such as the Hawaiian Sativa, can withstand colder temperatures than other plants can tolerate.

It means that more outdoor growing is possible with the use of Sativa.

It can also handle drought much better than some other plants can.

2.   Penobscot

Another crop that provides good yields is Penobscot.

It has a unique trait. It starts to flower early, so the flower head has ample time to form.

Flowering Penobscot will typically yield during the last two weeks of July and August, although it will happen as early as June or July in some cases.

3.   Crocus sativus

Crocus sativus produces a crop often referred to as “Hives,” or small white flowers that drop from tall stalks.

These are used in multiple types of cannabis. It is usually included in indoor gardening as a means of producing a large harvest.

While it may take a bit longer to mature than Indica and Arabica, the quality of the final product

is worth it.

4.   Lemon balm

Lemon balm is very similar to lavender.

It is one of the earliest species of cannabis and contains a faint lavender scent.

It also goes by the name of “Lavender” in the United Kingdom.

Growing this particular variety is more accessible than most.

5.   Arabica

Arabica is an incredibly hardy species that can survive in cold climates as well as high temperatures.

It can grow on a broad range of soils and can endure low light conditions. This species is exceptionally efficient when it comes to extracting nutrients from the ground.

It is the most popular choice for indoor gardens.

6.   Indica

Indica is considered to be one of the best choices for most gardeners.

The only fundamental limitation of this variety is the slow start required.

One can reach the best yield potential with Indicas in the 13% range.

Some types, such as the Purple Coneflower and Lemon Herb, are even known to reach greater heights.

7.   Lemon Herb

Lemon Herb is the most effective of all the strains that produce massive yields.

The best time to harvest this variety of cannabis is in late summer or fall. The plants will start to make a strong, fragrant aroma in the air, as well as lots of dank smoke.

A large number of Sativa-dominant plants in Hawaii has created an environment where the crop is always in surplus, allowing gardeners to enjoy tasty, fresh buds every single time they care for their plants.

When properly maintained, all of these plants can be incredibly useful for growing gardens. They are easy to grow and yield welland are easily available in any haven shop Toronto.

However, with this information, it should be made clear that each has its limits. Careful research can go a long way towards helping anyone decide if they would be better off growing a particular cannabis variety.

Bottom Line

When it comes to yielding, Sativa is king. It is remarkably accurate when it comes to indoors.

The Indica and Arabica lines are the top performers, but you might be surprised at how well Moroccan yield goes. It takes a bit more work, but the result is still considerable.

Harrar is another great strain to try. It is a relative newcomer but has proven popular because it resists droughts well.

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