Whether you’re a student or you are a full-time or part-time employee; whether you’re moving into a new house or you are redecorating your condo unit, you should consider having a study room. This helps you to be organized and at the same time be productive in what works you’re doing. This also aids you keep an eye on your goals and facilitates you to yield good outcomes.

When thinking of creating a study room, you must contemplate on several things, from the color of your room to picking of your furniture and upholstery; which is the most challenging part there.

For today’s topic, I’ll be discussing with you 5 ideas for a functional study room.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it..

  1. Good Lighting

No person studies in a dim place. It is not beneficial to study or work in a place where luminance is lacking. That is why, you should pick vibrant colors for your study room such as green, yellow, blue, pastel colors or you can simply pick white as your most dominant color on your room.  To make your room even brighter, you should put enough lights all over the area. You can place one on your desk, on your shelves and put the brightest light on your ceiling; bright enough to give radiance in every corner of your study room.

  1. Sufficient air ventilation

When you study, you do so much thinking. And when it requires thinking, you need right circulation of air. This helps you think better and come up with great thoughts. Your study room should have fair number of windows. 2 windows can be ideal. Your windows should be placed in a spot where great amount wind can enter inside your room. Plus, you need a fan or air conditioner to supplement the wind and give calmness on your room. Also, add air freshener just in case the smell of the air coming through your room is intolerable. Just make sure you choose the scent that can provide relaxation.

  1. Goodly Space of your Room

Your study room should be big enough to store all your stuffs. It should be in a great size so you won’t feel suffocated when doing your pursuit considering you have various paraphernalia to add up on your room. It isn’t necessary to create considerably great size, as long as you can move freely inside and your things are placed orderly.

creative home office room in modern family house

  1. Furniture favorable for learning

The furniture inside your study room should not just be simply the same with the furniture on the other part of your house. You can place one big sofa for you if you want to take a rest and nap. Your desk should have drawers in it to place your small stuffs inside. It is also recommended to have a wooden table because this is more solid that the other kind of desks. Next, you can purchase a rolling chair or high back chair to partner your study table. You can also add a writing wall just on top of your table to put your sticky notes on it. Another thing is your shelves so you can put your books and keep them clean and organize.

  1. A Sound-proof Room

The last point I’m going to share is your study room should be your isolation room. This means it should be a place that helps you think and reflect well. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t want noise when studying or working, then a sound-proof room is the most ideal for you. You can purchase and install soundproof wallpaper or foam or any thick materials for they absorb more sounds. By this way, you can achieve stillness when learning.

Final thoughts,

The decision is all up to you. But when you are creating a study room, you should make sure make sure that you are building a place that is convenient, conducive and effective for learning. Check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop if you are looking for high-quality curtains. It is my top recommended shop.

I hope the points mentioned gave you ideas about things to consider when creating a study room.