4 Tools to Help You Find the Best Graphics Cards Prices

To keep your gaming setup working efficiently, it’s important to keep it up to date, which can often mean buying new hardware. But upgrading your hardware does not always come cheap, especially if you need to buy a new graphics card. Over the past few years, graphics cards and RAM have increased significantly in price, especially due to the rise in cryptocurrency miners, who rely heavily on hardware designed for gaming. The good news is that if you are looking for a new graphics card for your setup, there are some ways to find better deals on graphics cards and save some money on your purchase. Some excellent tools to use if you want to make sure that you’re getting your next graphics card at the best price include:

Honey Chrome Extension

Add Honey to your browser, and you will be automatically informed of the best discount codes available when you are shopping for a new graphics card at Lenovo or any other site. It is free to download and has a library of coupons that will pop up wherever they are eligible for use. You may even be able to get voucher codes that you can use to save money on sales and on already discounted PC components. While the codes aren’t always still valid, or you might not get any codes for some sites, it’s good to have the option available to avoid paying more than necessary. 

Camel Camel Camel

When it comes to checking to see if a price on any item including graphics cards has dropped on Amazon, it’s worth having Camel Camel Camel as a tool that will put in all the legwork for you. It can be especially useful when searching for a new graphics card as all you need to do is enter the make and model of the graphics card that you are looking for in the search field, and you’ll get automatic notifications whenever there is a price drop. If you have some time to wait for prices to drop, then using this tool will make sure that you don’t miss any discounts. 


If you have a certain graphics card brand in mind, then Visualping is a convenient tool to use. You can use it to track price changes on any website that you like by simply entering the URL of the website or page that you want to track in the search bar. You can track any website you like, with 65 free monthly checks. You’ll get email alerts, and a Chrome extension is available for discount and offer searches. 


If you mainly shop for graphics cards in your web browser, then consider Keepa. While it doesn’t have a mobile app, it works well as a web extension in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other popular browsers. If you’ve not got your browser open when you are sent a price alert for the sites you’re tracking, it will send you an email or social media notification. It also tracks Amazon prices around the world to help you find the best deals. 

While getting a new graphics card for your gaming PC has gotten more expensive over the past few years, these tools can be an ideal way to make sure that you don’t pay full price. 


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