13 Real-Estate Marketing Ideas in 2022

The genre of Real-Estate has always been quite popular and it is known for different kinds of marketing strategies or ideas that bring success to it, starting from the very inception of the Real-Estate business.

Today, let me take you through some of the various real estate marketing ideas for 2022. Real-Estate has evolved and changed a lot in recent years, but the core factor of this business is always people. Let us focus on the opportunities 2022 brings with it to understand the real-estate marketing business and how to thrive in it with the help of digital marketing services.

Different Strategic Real-Estate Marketing Ideas in 2022

In previous times, pen and paper were the only choices to share and discuss ideas. Based on that, printing ads and fliers to help you reach people with your creative real-estate marketing was a foolproof success plan. As time went by, new advanced technologies, especially digital marketing services, made sharing your marketing ideas super easy but involved professionals at the same time.

There could be various digital marketing services that include and involve the use of any social media platform actively about new plots and properties, building your own website that allows people to buy and book properties, paying for ads that feature and target people based on geographical location, building a chatbot on your website that actively interacts with your customer 24/7, and be regularly available with the availability. Allow me to walk you through some of the different digital marketing services available in real-estate marketing.

1. Building a Website of Your Own.

First of all, build a website of your own and post regularly on your website based on the latest information and keep people updated. Always keep your website updated with new facts and information that are available in the real-estate market and inform your customers if there are any updates and changes about properties like pricing and availability.

Dormant sites are not going to hitch any business deals. You must learn to be frequently active and relevant when creating and uploading real-estate content on your website. If you cannot provide crucial but beneficial information to visitors to your website, you are not doing any service to people. A mobile-responsive website is a plus, as many choose to navigate from their phones to buy and sell even while running errands. Upload useful and relevant videos on real-estate that can help your clients understand the property and find out if they are interested in it. It is that easy.

2. A Chatbot on Your Website.

Chatbots are a great option to deal with your clients even if you are not available at the time. Real-Estate chatbots come with the fastest and most automatic email responses, with live answering services, etc., which can then collect more information about your potential clients and build a database about them. You must make things easy for your clients. Being an individual, you can always multi-function if you use the right tools. Always remember no one should go empty-handed when it is about getting information from your website, even if it is in the digital medium.

3. Feature Virtual Tours.

Facebook Live is a great platform to use to reach out to your potential clients. Providing virtual tours of the property using Facebook live is a great opportunity to showcase yourself. You then have to claim your own Facebook Business page. Upon completion of the required details, you can create a Facebook event page to promote your virtual tours of the property and invite all your contacts. You never know, the huge audience from the virtual tour and the results from it can reward you in the form of sales and more impressions on the property.

4. Marketing for Unconventional Buyers.

There are multiple strategies or ideas of Real-Estate marketing. Presently people choose to bond together and share the financial burden while buying a property. Today, the idea of selling property only to a nuclear family or to any individual is so backdated. People prefer sharing the property with a companion and paying for it with equal shares when they are buying a property. Therefore, this marketing strategy targeting unconventional buyers is very attractive and also lucrative at present.

5. Use Instagram to Crack Your Clients.

Like Facebook, Instagram has become a potential platform to find targeted clients and close sales. Nowadays, in-person meetings and sharing your real-estate marketing plans with people have lost the spark. Rather, using proper hashtags with exact details of the property, in short, is a new and successful practice at present. Use Instagram, try to hire a professional photographer, do a photo shoot, use the most relevant hashtags on Instagram to target your clients.

6. Video Marketing Strategy.

Videos are one of the best strategies to market your properties and plots. If you film a video on one of the properties you are targeting customers for sale, you can upload them to your account and target your local audience through geographical location filters. This will help you understand what your clients are looking for and which videos are being viewed the most. This is a smart and great real-estate marketing idea to identify the customer’s needs.

7. Create a Blog with All Your Experience.

If you are already into this real-estate business and have been dealing with it for some time, you are quite familiar with real-estate marketing strategies and properties that can be easily sold. You can create a blog explaining all your experiences on what a buyer should look for while buying any real estate and what are the successful ways to buy the properties through E.M.I.’s and loans. You can simultaneously give your readers the option to ask them questions about the plots and properties, or you can include some F.A.Q. to your blog. Your experience counts for any amateur buyer or seller, regardless.

8. Use the Power of a Paid Ads.

Currently, buyers and sellers of any real-estate go online and search for the perfect fit for their needs. If you are looking to reach out and sell your real-estate marketing properties and plots to your ideal clients, simply invest in paid digital marketing. For some of the ideal digital advertising campaigns, invest in pay-per-click (PPC) to get a new search listing that will be listed on top of search results.

If you plan on creating Google ads, you must first claim your Google business page. Your potential clients will also look for their much-needed information by searching for keywords such as real-estate properties based on location and amenities. Once your ad appears in the search results for your targeted clients, consider that your property is most likely sold after they book a property with an advanced amount or ask them to pay a visit to the respective property.

9. Learn How to Grow Your Email List.

This is another great way to materialize and prosper your real-estate marketing ideas. That is, through a regular email newsletter. Upon signing up to receive the emails, your potential clients will easily find you and get to know a lot about your property and its amenities. You need to collect their emails from your potential clients and then send weekly or monthly email newsletters. Any content that adds value to people is useful and always in demand.

10. Building a Strong Network.

Networking is one of the most important aspects of growing or expanding any business. The same is true for real-estate too. You need to find professionals outside of your work environment. Connect with them. Show interest in their work. Discuss your plans with them.  Let them appreciate your work willingly.

Build a strong network and go with it. Use this strength of networking to spice up your business in the form of referrals to buy your properties and plots, and always ensure that law and order prevail when you are networking to bring potential prospects who will be interested in your property and plots. Your strong networking skills can bring you more clients in the form of referrals. Just don’t forget to ask them for a favor so they can share your plots and properties with their clients and help you sell.

11. Gather Online Positive Reviews.

Online reviews provide a scope of understanding whether the customer or the client is satisfied with your particular service or not. Ask your customers to provide reviews on your website about their experience with your plots and properties. Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to explain your real-estate amenities, and that also benefits you directly in the form of reputation and trust, effortlessly to your new targeted customers. The testimonials themselves will speak about what new customers can expect from your real-estate.

12. Building a Brand and Growing Its Name.

To promote and flourish in business, establishing a brand is crucial. Let your brand speak for your honest, ethical, intelligent, exceptional practices and objectives in the field of your real-estate company. Establishing your brand can reward you with fame and money if you do it right. Simple but thoughtful ideas, when implemented to establish your real-estate company, can make all the difference.

13. Collaborate with Influencers.

In the present scenario, influencers play a crucial role to promote Real-Estate and amenities with whom they collaborate. An influencer means someone who can easily influence people and has a strong fan following on social media platforms. Make sure that your real-estate marketing ideas are useful to their audience and they will in a way be useful to you in sales. At the end of the day, marketing to potential customers and the sale of properties and plots are the keys to success.


The real-estate market will have great opportunities in 2022, and the above marketing strategies are some of the great real-estate marketing ideas that can give you and your potential customers good and satisfactory bookings and sales, helping you to flourish in them with the help of digital marketing services.


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