10 Tips for Passing the PMI PBA Certification Exam

Earlier this year, the Project Management Institute (PMI) unveiled its Professional in Business Analysis credential (PMI). Several of our teachers have gone through the application and pilot test process for the PMI PBA Certification because we take pride in assisting working people advance their careers via education and certification. They’ve compiled a list of 10 things they’ve learned along the way.

To help you prepare for the PMI PBA certification test before you take it, we’ve put together some ideas. At the time of writing, the test is still a pilot, so expect some changes and improvements. All candidates for the PMI Professional in Business Analysis test must bear in mind that it was established by PMI (The Project Management Institute). There will be a focus on project management in the exam’s approach to business analysis

Following these guidelines will help you pass the pmi pba certification test.

  1. Assembling a database to track the progress of requirements

In particular, pay attention to the relationship between the Requirements Management Plan and the Traceability Matrix in the PMBOK’s “Collect Requirements” phase. The reading list should be scrutinized for any mention of traceability. The rationale and wording should be in accordance with the PMBOK.

The Acceptance Criteria. pmi pba certification

The PMBOK’s “Validate Scope” chapter should be examined for information on user acceptability testing. To learn more about software requirements, see the following resources: There is a lot of information on acceptance criteria in Memory Jogger and the 72 Essential Tools for Success. Look up any further references to user acceptability in the reading list, since this is a subject that will be prominently covered during the test.

Keeping track of and responding to changes in requirements

There’s a lot of pressure here, too. In the readings, focus your attention on the discussion of change management. See the PMBOK’s Integration Management section.

Validation of test outcomes

On the exam, there are questions on testing, despite the fact that most BAs don’t regard testing to be a core responsibility. This section of the PMBOK is lacking in information about pmi pba certification. Like many test subjects, this one doesn’t need a thorough dig in order to do well. Learn about testing from a high- to intermediate-level perspective.

Analyzing solution differences with the use of quality assurance tools

The test covers a wide range of quality assurance, planning, and control methods. Learn the seven fundamental quality tools from the Project Quality Management subject area, in particular the figures, charts, and graphs.

Techniques for setting goals and setting priorities – pmi pba certification

Learn the names and uses of the BA tools described in the book Business Analysis Techniques: 72 Essential Tools for Success. If given a project situation, you do not need to know how to utilize them (at this time). All you need to know is if they are acceptable or not. Pmi pba certification You should be familiar with Kano and MoSCoW at the very least.

The solution’s ability to fulfill the business case is being assessed.

The pmi pba certification exam’s Business Case is a significant part of it. PMBOK’s initial parts explain how a project selection methodology incorporates a business case into the selection process. The “Develop Project Charter” method should also be known to you. Search the list of recommended readings for more articles that touch on the business case.

Stakeholder identification and analysis

pmi pba certification – Stakeholder identification and analysis duties are covered extensively in almost every BA reference book. Take a look at the recommended reading list and pick out Software Requirements 2, The Software Requirements Memory Jogger, and Unearthing Business Requirements: Elicitation Tools and Techniques to make sure you are utilizing PMBOK terminology correctly.

Requirement’s verification using tools and methods

In order to validate requirements throughout the planning phase, it is required to create a certain amount of traceability. There are a number of ways to check the completeness and alignment of requirements with the project goals, objectives, and business case, including the use of prototyping and document analysis pmi pba certification

Techniques for choosing decisions

pmi pba certification – This topic is not addressed in the PMBOK. Rather, it is scattered throughout the standard in several places. Look for decision-making references in the reading list indexes and different types of decision-making instruments (unanimity, plurality, etc.). Techniques and the advantages and drawbacks of each are all that the test asks for in terms of depth.

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